Register for Classes

Continuing students may register via myTC during open registration dates.


Please submit the following documents prior to registration.
Failure to submit all documents may delay registration and you may be placed on hold.

  • New students must submit an application via the Texas Common Application. Any returning student who was not enrolled in the last long semester (fall to spring or spring to fall) must re-apply to update their records.
  • Please submit a final copy of your high school transcript in a sealed envelope issued by the school. The final copy must be officially signed and include all grades and date of graduation.
  • Texarkana College requires the most recent official transcripts from ALL colleges and universities attended. This applies to all transient students.
  • Please submit test scores for TSI requirements. This includes TAKS, ACT, SAT, Accuplacer, Asset, Compass, THEA or other standardized test scores as approved by Texas Higher Education.
  • Financial Aid: Please see pg. 4 for information on grants and scholarships.
  • All holds from previous terms must be cleared before registration. This includes various holds that may be placed by Admissions/Registrar/Veteran’s records, Financial Aid, Business Office, Library, Parking and/or other departments.
  • Academic advisors are available in the Advising Center to help you prepare your schedule and make recommendations according to your degree plan.
  • Any student who has not met all three parts of TSI (or as required by their program) and are on hold must have their schedule approved by an Academic Advisor before registering.
  • You may register online in your myTC student account for convenience, or in person during scheduled registration hours.
  • See dates and times for registration and when payments are due on the Registration Dates page.

Although students will generally have 24/7 access to online registration, there will be times when the system is unavailable due to routine computer system maintenance. Every effort will be made to keep downtimes to late evening or early morning time periods, although downtime could occur at any time during the business day. If the system is unavailable, please check back at a later time.
Additional classes are available on-line through the Virtual College of Texas at or call
Admissions Office 903-823-3450, ext. 3012 for more information.