Presidential Scholarship

If you’re a top high school senior, you may qualify for the Texarkana College Presidential Scholarship, covering the full cost of tuition, fees, and books for up to two years.

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Presidential Scholarship Benefits

  • Up to 2 years or 60 semester credit hours of college tuition free
  • Exclusive networking and leadership opportunities
  • A spot in the TC Honors College
  • Priority registration each semester

Applying for the Presidential Scholarship

Follow these steps to complete your TC Presidential & Dean scholarship application. 

Steps to Apply for Scholarships:

  1. Create an Account through AwardSpring (our online scholarship platform).
  2. Save your AwardSpring Account Login Information. You will need it later to log back in.
  3. Fill out the provided first scholarship application with information to complete your profile.
  4. Click to Submit your application You’re not done yet!
  5. Click on your Dashboard Tab.
  6. Check for Follow-ups (this will be additional information you need to complete for scholarships you qualify for).
  7. Click on each Follow-Up and complete additional questions or submit information required for a complete scholarship application.
  8. Verify that you have Zero items left to complete on your Dashboard.
  9. Turn in required documentation to or in person to the Nelson Administration Building Financial Aid Office.
  10. Please monitor your email! You will receive notice of a decision once all applications have been reviewed at the email you used to create the AwardSpring Application.

If you are having any issues with AwardSpring or applying, please contact our Financial Aid department at 903-823-3267 or Recruiters at 903-823-3012 if you need any help.

Presidential Scholarship recipients are guaranteed acceptance based on the following:
  • Are a 2022 graduate from a public high school in Bowie County, have a cumulative unweighted GPA of 3.25, and are ranked in the top 15% or top 10 graduates of their class.
  • Are a 2022 graduate from a public high school in Miller County, or one of the following schools in TC’s Service Area:
    • Atlanta ISD,
    • Avery ISD,
    • Bloomburg ISD,
    • Linden-Kildare ISD,
    • McLeod ISD, or
    • Queen City ISD,
  • and have a cumulative unweighted GPA of 3.25 AND are ranked in the top 15% of their class.
Dean Scholarship recipients are students who:
  • Are a 2022 graduate from a public high school in Bowie County or one of the schools listed above and DO NOT meet the criteria for GUARANTEED acceptance.
  • These students must apply and must also submit an essay with 300 words or less describing academic and career goals and attached to their application.
  • Are a 2022 graduate from a private, charter, alternative, or home school and reside in Bowie County, Miller County, or in any of the above-listed school districts, and have a 3.25, must apply and must also submit an essay with 300 words or less describing academic and career goals attached to their application.
  • Receive up to two years or 60 semester credit hours of college with tuition covered by scholarship dollars or available financial aid
  • Receive a spot in the TC Honors College
  • Receive exclusive networking & leadership opportunities
  • Receive priority registration each semester

Applications will be accepted until 4:00 pm on April 1, 2022.

Presidential Scholars are guaranteed acceptance for the scholarship if they have a 3.25 GPA and ranked in the top 15% and/or top 10 graduates of their class. If you are unsure that you are guaranteed acceptance, we highly recommend you submit an essay for consideration. The scholarship will cover up to 2 years or 60 semester credit hours of college tuition-free.

Dean Scholars must have a 3.25 GPA, be in the top 15% of their class, and must submit an essay. The scholarship will fulfill any unmet tuition and fees after Pell Grant has been applied.

  1. What does the Presidential Scholarship cover? Up to two years or 60 semester credit hours of college that is tuition-free. Textbooks leased through the TC bookstore at no cost to the student.

2. What does the Presidential Scholarship offer? 

  • A spot in the TC (Texarkana College) Honors College.
  • Priority registration each semester.
  • Exclusive networking and leadership opportunities.
  • Up to two years or 60 semester credit hours of college tuition-free.

3. What is the procedure for getting books for classes?

The Presidential Scholarship allows for the recipient to get textbooks by loan that must be returned by the end of each semester/term. Textbooks will not be issued for the following semester unless the current semester textbooks are returned or paid for in full. Workforce kits are not provided and are the responsibility of the student.

4. If I have not exceeded my 60 hour degree plan or 2-year limit, will the Presidential Scholarship cover classes that are not included in my major? The Presidential Scholarship will only cover the costs of classes that are required for your degree/major.

5. Are dual credit hours excluded from my 60-hour degree plan? 

Any dual credits taken through Texarkana College that are required for the student’s specific degree are included in the 60-hour degree plan/two-year limit. Dual credit classes that are not required for the student’s degree will not count as part of the 60-hour degree plan/two-year limit.

6. Does being a recipient of the Presidential Scholarship automatically make me an Honors College student? 

Yes, any recipient of the Presidential Scholarship is automatically an Honors College student.

7. What is the GPA (Grade Point Average) required by the Presidential Scholarship, and what are the consequences of not making the GPA requirement? 

Presidential Scholarship recipients must maintain a minimum 3.25 GPA or cumulative 3.25 GPA each semester/term. Failure to maintain the minimum/cumulative GPA requirements will result in a scholarship appeal process that must be initiated by the student before the beginning of the next semester.

8. How many completed hours are required each semester to maintain the Presidential Scholarship? 

Presidential Scholarship recipients must enroll and complete at least 12 credit-hours each consecutive fall and spring semester. Exceptions may apply to the Health Science and Workforce programs.

9. What is the Presidential Scholarship Appeal Process? How many times can I file an appeal? 

All presidential scholars are notified if they did not meet the continuing eligibility requirements of their scholarship. The notification will be sent by email to the student’s personal email on file, and their TC student email. The notification will explain the appeal process and deadline for submission. The student must type a letter to the Presidential Scholarship committee explaining the circumstances and causality of the reason they failed to meet the requirements. After the letter is submitted, the Presidential Scholarship committee will determine if the recipient will be able to continue receiving the scholarship and will notify the student after they have reached a decision. Scholarship recipients may only file one appeal for the full duration of their scholarship.

10. How many classes can I drop as a Presidential Scholar? 

One drop is allowed per the full duration of the scholarship.

11. Will the Presidential Scholarship cover the cost to retake a class that has been dropped previously? 

The Presidential Scholarship will cover the cost to retake a class only after the first drop. After the student has retaken one class covered by the scholarship, they are responsible for any other dropped classes that need to be retaken.

12. Can I change my major/degree plan? If so, how does it work with the hours lost? 

Presidential scholars may change their major. However, this must be approved by their faculty advisor and the hours that have not been used out of the 60 credit hours from the Presidential Scholarship will be credited to the new major/degree plan.

13. How many volunteer hours are required for Presidential Scholars? Can these hours be split up into separate semesters? What are the consequences of not fulfilling the volunteer requirement? 

Each Presidential Scholar must participate in a minimum of 30 community service hours by volunteering for the community and/or at Texarkana College events, such as school visits, preview days, orientation, festivals, etc. that help promote TC and the Presidential Scholarship. The scholarship hours are split into two semesters (15 hours in each). Other community service projects and volunteer opportunities must be approved in advance.

14. When do I need to meet with my academic advisor? 

Meetings with your academic advisor should be done before enrolling in classes or if you are considering changing your major.

15. Am I required to take the Learning Frameworks class as a Presidential Scholar? What are the benefits of this class? 

All Presidential Scholars must take a Learning Frameworks class during their first semester. Benefits include building teamwork skills, study habits, familiarity with the campus, writing skills, and networking. This year that class is only offered on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

16. Does the Presidential Scholarship cover the costs of summer classes? 

The Presidential Scholarship does cover the costs of summer and mini-semester classes that are required for the student’s major/degree after you complete your first fall semester. You must meet with your faculty advisor before enrolling.

17. What if I have other outside scholarships or financial aid? 

Students who receive the Presidential Scholarship, may still receive any other scholarships they have been awarded, as well as any financial aid they are eligible for. Since the scholarship will cover all the tuition and fees on a student’s account, the student will receive a refund of any other financial aid they may have. Refunds generally occur about one month after the first day of class.

A copy of your official/unofficial high school transcript dated after 1/01/2022 (7th semester grades posted) with cumulative GPA and class rank is required for each applicant. It may be delivered to the Financial Aid Office or emailed to

Refer to your Dashboard for Follow-Up Questions. This will include questions specific to the scholarship, as well as where to submit the essay.

  • Write an essay between 200-300 words describing your academic and career goals.
  • Click submit. This will complete your application for the Presidential Scholarship.
  • Make sure you check your Dashboard regularly for any updates.

Apply Here

Apply for the Presidential Scholarship online here! If you have any questions about the scholarship or application, contact Financial Aid at 903-823-3267 or by email at You’ll create an account through AwardSpring (our online scholarship application platform) and then submit one application to apply for our scholarship offerings!

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