Summer fun for kids ages 7-12!

Kids’ College 2020 will be held June 22-25.

This year, Kids’ College will be ONE WEEK with longer, more intensive classes—meaning more hands-on learning! Classes are available from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. and 1-4 p.m., so kids can attend all day.

Online Registration begins Wednesday, April 13
In-Person Registration begins Monday, April 20


Contact the Community & Business Education Center at (903) 823-3270 or

In the event of thunder and lightning, parents will be required to come into the Truman Arnold Student Center to pick up their child.

Choose your classes!

Arts & Humanities

Brushstroke of Genius Studio

Create your very own masterpiece through techniques used by history’s finest artists.

Express Yourself through Multi-Media Creativity

If you like 3D and hands-on crafts, this class is for you! Use materials such as paper mache, oil based paints and leather weaving to let your light shine!

Focus on Fibers

Explore textiles and create woven projects while developing problem solving skills.

I Love to Sing

Come learn basic music theory through movement, games and lots of fun! You will also get a great introduction to reading music.


Do you have a camera and are not sure how to use it? This class will teach you how to get the picture perfect shot!

Scrapbooking, Papercraft and Card Making

Come make a school scrapbook and a birthday scrapbook. You will also get to make papercrafts and greeting cards of all kinds.

Sewing 101

Build basic hand sewing skills! Students will make patterns, and create blankets, pillows, wallets, scarves and more!

Think Outside the Box: Puppetry

Explore mime and puppetry with us! You will be able to dazzle your friends with cool mime techniques and will even create shadows and puppets using art materials.

Athletics, Outdoors & Physical Education


Learn archery skills, how to put a bow together, how to score different types of archery, consistently aim and shooting safety.

Athletic Games and More

Get moving and play! Relays, dodgeball, hula hoop, jump rope, kickball, soccer, volleyball and more.

Cheerleading/ Gymnastics

Cheer and flip for your favorite team. Learn a cheer, dance and basic tumbling skills.

Hip Hop Basics

Learn the foundational skills of popping, locking, breakdance and freestyle.

Lyrical 101

Work on foundational skills of lyrical dance including storytelling and expressing emotions through dance.

Self–Defense/Martial Arts

Be the next Karate Kid! Build self-defense skills while improving confidence.

Teamwork/Leadership Challenge

Take on different roles of leadership while accomplishing a new and challenging task each day.


Learn the basics of tennis while having fun on the court!


Ages 10-12 in the Morning & 7-9 in the Afternoon
Calling all future volleyball stars! Develop a love for the game while you pass, set and hit. Come be part of the team!


Cosmo Kidz

Be your own kind of beautiful! Dive into the art of professional hair, nail and skin care.

Criminal Justice

CSI Kidz

Learn how to follow the evidence and think like a crime scene investigator! Collect evidence, secure a crime scene, take fingerprints and more.

Culinary Arts

Cakes by You

Ages 7-9 in the Morning & 10-12 in the Afternoon
Join us to decorate fun, delicious treats like cakes, cupcakes and cookies.

Culinary Arts

Put on your Chef’s hat and let’s get cooking!

Snacks Around the World

Come take a trip around the world. We will visit Mexico, Italy, the Middle East and America making snacks and appetizers at each stop.

Health Sciences

Junior Medics

Learn how to save lives! Identify and treat a variety of common medical emergencies.

Mass Communication

Digital Storytelling

Be on the front line of Kids’ College interviewing, videoing and taking pictures. Work with a team to create the official Kids’ College video of Summer 2020!


Break the next big story! Learn how to gather and share news through print, radio and video news reporting.

Web Design

Learn to plan, design and build a website. Students will also get to create their own fictional business website.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Engineering: Paper Roller Coaster

Students will explore Newton’s law of motion, cause and effect, kinetic and potential energy and engineering design.

Games, Puzzles & Logical Reasoning

Play and design games and puzzles. Students will leave with several created activities to play at home.

Get in the Game

Design your own video game! Create game levels, design maps and animate characters.

Kid Builders and Makers

Imagine, plan and construct your own natural habitat or dwelling for small wildlife.

LEGO Robotics

Ages 7-9 in the Morning & 10-12 in the Afternoon
Use the engineering process to build and refine a robot design, maps and animate characters.