Kamylla Brown

I was born in Dallas, Texas, but I was raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I am a Journalism/Mass Communications major. After receiving my associate degree from TC, I am planning to transfer to Texas A&M University-Texarkana to receive my bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications. Some of my hobbies during my downtime consists of writing, reading, and collecting novels. I have my Veterinarian Assistant certificate and my Wildlife Conservation certificate. My plans for utilizing my degree in Mass Communications are to travel the world creating documentaries of wildlife and also getting into publishing. After maybe a year or two of doing this, I plan to return to school to receive my bachelor’s degree in Anthropology with a focus in Archaeology. After this, I plan to invest in opening my own conservation center for wild animals who are endangered.



Adriana Jefferson

My name is Adriana Jefferson, and I am from Texarkana, Texas. I am the middle child on my mother’s side. I have an older and younger brother. I also have three stepsisters and one stepbrother. I am the only child on my dad’s side. I love to read, write, and dance when I have free time. My favorite book is “Everything, Everything.” My major in college is nursing and with that degree I would like to become a pediatric nurse.







Harper McKnight

Hi, I am Harper McKnight. I grew up in McLeod, Texas, where I graduated from McLeod High School in 2016. I now live in Bossier City, Louisiana, and I am majoring in General Studies at Texarkana College. I want to use my major to earn my associate degree, so I can transfer to a four-year university and pursue a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications. I am interested in so many different types of mass communications that it will be difficult to choose a focus for my major when the time comes. I hope to use my degree to positively impact the world around me, even if it is in a small way. I believe that every small action will result in a bigger action, even if the one never personally sees the results of that action. As I work to reach my goals, on my off days I like to spend time with my boyfriend and our two dogs or go visit my family in my hometown. I love to read and craft when I have time. I recently learned how to crochet, thanks to my grandmother and one of my all-time favorite books is “Inkheart” by Cornelia Funke. The main character of the book loses her mother because of her father’s unusual power to bring things out of stories when he reads aloud. For every thing that comes out of the book, something must return to the story. This young adult fantasy taught me about the power of characters and words. “Inkheart”, and so many other books, inspired me to become a writer myself leading me here to The TC News.

Cori Robison