Use your summer wisely.

Whether you’re starting college, continuing your degree or certificate, or picking up classes while you’re home from your college or university this summer, TC’s summer courses can help you get ahead and save money.

  • For new and current TC students: If you’re working hard to earn a degree or certificate, finish faster by continuing your studies in the summer!
  • For university students who are home for the summer: Graduate on time, tackle a tough subject, or save yourself (or your parents) thousands in tuition costs by picking up some of your classes at TC while you’re home for the summer.
  • For high school students: Already taking advantage of dual credit during the school year? Beef up your college credits by enrolling as an Early Admissions student during the summer.

You’ve got goals. We’ve got options.

Choose your path.

No matter your interest, from art to social sciences or automotive technology to welding, TC has you covered with programs that meet your interests and the needs of future employers.

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Paying for college.

You may be eligible for federal grants to help you pay for your college education. Our financial aid staff can help you navigate the process of applying for federal financial aid.

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Your starting point.

Whether you’re new to TC, a returning student, or someone who has been away for several years and is ready to resume your college education, our enrollment services team is here to help you get started.

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Search the Summer 2018 Schedule

Traditional Daytime Classes

Experience Texarkana College the way students have since 1927: daytime classes in the traditional fall semester.

Evening Classes

Take care of business during the day—think full-time job, or caring for your family—and go to college at night.

Web Classes

If you’re web-savvy and dedicated, web classes are a great way to earn college credit—and you can do most of your coursework at home in your pajamas.

Off-Campus Classes

We offer a select number of courses in New Boston (TC@TexAmericas Center) to help save you some time and gas money.

Don’t see the course you need on our schedule? Submit a course request form or visit our Online & Distance Education page to learn more about the Virtual College of Texas, where students who are admitted to TC can take a number of online courses through community colleges all across the state of Texas.

Questions about getting started? We’ve got answers!