Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLO)

and General Education Core Competencies

The following program objectives are the outcomes, which shape the curriculum and are the criteria for measurement of its success.  This reflects the Differentiated Essential

Competencies of graduates of Texas nursing programs as a member of the profession, provider of patient-centered care, patient safety advocate and member of the healthcare team.  The graduate will:


  1. Utilize critical thinking skills to provide patient-centered nursing care using evidence-based outcomes and the nursing process to accommodate society/cultural differences and communicate the same to other members of the healthcare team.
  1. Demonstrate a personal responsibility to respect a patient’s right to participate in decisions affecting their health by promoting patient-centered care and ensuring confidentiality.
  1. Employ therapeutic communication skills to act as a patient safety advocate by establishing compassionate, caring and therapeutic relationships in a physically and psychologically safe environment.
  1. Accepts and makes assignments and delegates tasks to other members of the healthcare team using empirical and quantitative skills that take into consideration patient safety, organizational policies, and scope of practice and demonstrated abilities.
  1. Demonstrate professional and social responsibility as an associate degree nurse by assuming responsibility and accountability for quality of nursing care, maintaining continued competence, adhering to ethical and legal standards and promoting a positive image of professional nursing.
  1. Serve as an advocate for continuity of care through teamwork and promote quality and access to healthcare for the patient and family.


*Competent is defined as the ability to do; proficient is defined as the ability to do well; and mastery is defined as the ability to do brilliantly at every occasion.


Rev. 08.2019


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