Associate Degree Nursing Admission Requirements

Candidates for the nursing program are expected to be proficient in communication skills, math, science, computer, and learning skills, as well as have physical and mental abilities to practice nursing. To be considered for admission, the candidate must complete the procedures listed below. (Incomplete files are not considered). Download the Points System Admission Process form (.pdf).

Steps for Admission to be completed by the 1st Friday in March.

  1. Register for mandatory information sessions with the Enrollment Advisor (903) 823-3351.
  2. Complete an “Application for Admission” to Texarkana College listing Nursing as your major.
  3. A cumulative GPA of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale) or above on all college-level work.
  4. A grade of ‘C’ or above is required in academic support and nursing courses.
  5. TSI met (see advisement staff).
  6. A “New Applicant Counseling Interview” form (dated after the first Monday in January). Call the Health Science Division Office to schedule an appointment (903-823-3401).
  7. TEAS Exam Score should accompany the Application for Admission.  An “overall” score of 60 or greater on the TEAS is required for admission to the program. The TEAS score must be within 2 years of the program application date. A maximum of three TEAS attempts within a 12-month period is allowed. TEAS exam scores taken at proctored testing sites other than Texarkana College may be submitted. A minimum of 15 days is required between testing attempts to allow for remediation of content. Students may go online to pay for and schedule the TEAS test at
  8. The student must achieve a score of “proficient” level or greater on the Reading portion of the TEAS to be considered for admission.
  9. An official high school transcript, GED score or transcripts from all colleges attended. High school seniors must submit a current transcript with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) by the program application deadline.
  10. A current physical examination on the “Nursing Physical Examination” form, negative drug screen and satisfactory Texas Board of Nursing background check. NOTE: The physical includes proof of childhood immunizations, including a completed Hepatitis B vaccine series, which takes a minimum of 4 months, a meningitis vaccine (unless age 22 or above), as required by Texas law, and a TB skin test or chest x-ray. This is required after notification in writing of “Conditional Acceptance” into the nursing program. The applicant must bring proof of having at least begun the Hepatitis B series when completing their interview.
  11. American Heart Association Basic Life support Healthcare Provider course (AHA/BLS/HCP), Must be current throughout enrollment in the program. The course must be completed prior to enrollment in RNSG 1413 (Basic Students) and RNSG 1327 (Transition Students). Students are encouraged to take the course after May for the year of acceptance or after the “Conditional Acceptance” is received to ensure the course is current throughout enrollment. Contact the Community & Business Education Office regarding registration.

Additional Information

  1. If all required documentation (TB test/CPR/drug screen/fingerprinting) is not submitted by the deadline, the student will be removed from the “Conditional Acceptance” list and will have to reapply to the program. The “Conditional Acceptance” spot will be forfeited.
  2. If a Declaratory Order is required by the Board of Nursing (BON) for a prior offense on the criminal background check, the applicant will be given until July 1st to obtain clearance from the BON, otherwise the “Conditional Acceptance” to the program will be revoked.
  3. If low grades earned early in the applicant’s college career are making the GPA less competitive, the student is encouraged to ask about the “Second Chance Policy. See Second Chance Policy in the TC Catalog/Handbook.
  4. Turn in the Admission Checklist to the Enrollment Advisor with an original signature and date.

To learn more, please contact us.

Karen Holt
Health Sciences
Enrollment Management Specialist
(903) 823-3351
Letha Colquitt MNSc, RN, FNP-BC
ADN Program Coordinator
Associate Professor
(903) 823-3202
Courtney Shoalmire, MNSc, MSN, RN
Dean of Health Sciences
(903) 823-3142

Process for Selection of Students

I. Points System

  1. Students applying to the Associate Degree Nursing Program will be ranked according to the “Points System Admission Process”. (Download a copy of the ADN Points System Admission Process form) Students will be accepted until all available spots are filled. Students not accepted will be placed on an alternate list. Alternate list applicants may be admitted if another student’s “Conditional Acceptance” is forfeited or revoked, provided they have met the other application requirements.

II. Notification of Selected Applicants

  1. Selected applicants will be sent notification of their “Conditional Acceptance” pending receipt of the required documentation to the Office of the Health Sciences Enrollment Advisor.
  2. Applicants who were not selected initially will be placed on an alternate list.
    1. In the event of cancellations or forfeitures, eligible applicants from the alternate list will be notified.
    2. The alternate list will be maintained until the current class begins the semester.
    3. Applicants who are not selected for admission and those that decline a position must re-apply to the program to be considered for admission.
    4. Any questions regarding the status of an application should be directed to the Health Sciences Enrollment Advisor.

Re-Entry Admission Procedure

Any student who is dismissed from the ADN program due to professional and/or ethical violations is not eligible for re-entry. In addition, any student who has had a clinical failure due to unsafe clinical practice is not eligible for re-entry into the program.

Under extenuating circumstances, the student may petition the Admissions Committee for an additional admission.

Re-entry candidates should submit paperwork for re-entry no later than mid-term of the Fall or Spring semester prior to re-entry.

Paperwork for re-entry includes:

  1. All Basic Admission Criteria (retake of the TEAS V is not required).
  2. A completed “Health Science Re-Entry Counseling Interview form.” See the Dean or designated faculty member of the Health Sciences Division.
  3. Students must re-enter within 2 years to retain credit for nursing courses. Some testing and remedial work may be required prior to re-admission.
  4. Credit will not be granted for nursing courses taken more than 2 years prior to application for re-entry. A student applying for re-entry after 2 years will be required to retake the TEAS V for admission.

Transfer Procedure

Transfer candidates should submit paperwork for transfer no later than midterm of the Fall or Spring semester prior to entry.

Paperwork for transfer includes:

  1. All Basic Admission Requirements (pg.1), including the TEAS V Proctored Assessment (passing results of the TEAS V taken within two years of application may be accepted).
  2. A “New Applicant Counseling Interview” completed with the Dean or designated faculty member of the Health Sciences Division.
  3. An official transcript and nursing course syllabi, or outlines with earned grades.
  4. Written permission and the address of the previous school of nursing for Texarkana College to obtain a letter of reference. (Late applications may result in delay of transfer process).

NOTE: Credit will not be granted for nursing courses taken more than 2 years prior to application. Some testing and remedial work may be required prior to admission as a transfer student.