Student Activities

Madeline Russell, coordinator of Communication and Engagement at Texarkana College, welcomes you.

Hi students, my name is Madeline Russell and I’m the coordinator of communication and engagement here at Texarkana College.

We are so excited for this upcoming semester and I wanted to let you know that there are a ton of ways to get involved on campus.

We’ve got clubs, organizations, weekly, monthly events.

For example, our student government association. They’re the representatives of the student body here on campus and they make sure that your voice is heard.

We’ve got our Black Student association gaming club.

Nursing Student Association and if there’s not a club on campus that you’re interested in, you can even start your own – just contact our Dean of students.

Be sure to get involved and make friends and build your resume during your time at Texarkana College. And if you ever need anything at all, my door is wide open and the Nelson administration building and come visit and say hey.