Follow along as Mike Dumdei guides you through using the Help Desk.

There may be times as a student here at Texarkana College that you have some kind of technical problem.

You may forget your password.

You may not be able to log into your team’s class, just whatever, and for that reason we have a help desk that can help you out.

And in order to get to the help desk, I’m going to open up a web browser and I’m gonna show you how to find help desk.

So I’m going to go to Google. And I am going to type in TC helpdesk. And the first link that we find in a Google search is ways to reach to help desk at Texarkana College. So I could click that. And it takes me to the help desk site.

Now, here at the help desk site there is a search option where a lot of times you can find what you’re looking here for by just typing in a little bit right in the Search engine and it might lead you to what you need to know in order to solve your problem.

For instance, we have this self-service password reset and assuming that you set up the secondary authentication mechanism such as a cell phone that can be sent a text or a third party email, then this would step you through what’s needed in order to complete doing a self service password reset so that you didn’t even need the help desk in order to recover from that problem.

But, if I just come back down to the main side, here one of the highlighted items is using Microsoft Teams, and that’s because a lot of our courses here do use teams as a way to interact with other students and with your instructor and a lot of times our online classes are held using a Microsoft Teams video session, which is kind of similar to the zoom sessions, if you’re familiar with that.

So, and then here we have the information on the help desk as far as how to reach the help desk and we have a phone number here 903-823-3030.

And if you notice here that it will say that the helpdesk is open for phone calls between Monday and Thursday 8:00 to 5:00 PM. Fridays 8:00 to 4:00 and currently we have actually extended those hours, so I’m not sure what they will be at the time that you listen to the video, but we have tried to expand those hours up to 8:00 to 7:00 PM and on Monday through Thursday versus 8 to 5.

And that’s because we have so many online courses where you might need to be able to get ahold of help desk for a night class. So we’ve tried to run those hours on out.

If you can’t get somebody on the phone and we do our best to have a live person on the other end.

But if you can’t get somebody on the phone due to either the helpdesk having too many calls already, which happens sometimes or whatever other reason, you can always email the helpdesk and this is the helpdesk, web mail or email address so you can just click this and send the help desk and email and our helpdesk staff know to check this email often and they’ll get back with you fairly quickly.

You can leave a voicemail at the 903-823-3030 number and they also will get back a fairly rapid response in most cases.

And you can also enter a ticket. The ticket system allows you to just key in some information here about what your problem is, and that will automatically get the attention to the helpdesk as well.

So different ways you can get ahold of help desk. A little bit about searching the helpdesk, a whole lot of online articles that are available here about different things that you may be needing help with.

You know, articles on the bookstore. It looks like we have 10 on taking assessments 17 on advising so 30 on using myTC and 74 just on the information technology in general.

So there’s a lot of information you can get here.

The fall back, though always, is just to give us a call at 903-823-3030.