Lance Whisenant discusses tutoring and Student Support Services.

Hi everyone, my name is Lance Whisenant. I’m over our student support program here at TC.

So what we are and what we’re known for is our tutoring department we’re a first-generation program whose mission is to help students whose parents did not have a bachelors degree.

So if that is you, you’re a first-generation student and we are geared to specifically provide academic and cultural resources to help you along your college journey, so. Tutoring Department I mentioned.

So all of our tutors, all of our peer tutors have obtained an associate’s degree from Texarkana College. Several have their bachelors, so if you were to go out and hire a professional tutor, it’s going to run you in the neighborhood of $25.00 an hour. We’re offering that free of charge to students who are in our program so that attracts a lot of attention. That is what a lot of students know our program for is our tutoring center.

We also offer free printing to students who are in our program and this is something that as you go along your college career will add up and so any little relief you can get, it goes along ways.

Anytime we go on a trip, anytime we do a workshop, any type of activity that we provide, it’s always free of charge if you’re in our program.

So whether we’re going to Little Rock to watch a Broadway performance if we’re going to Dallas to the Perot Museum, anything that we do is absolutely free of charge. So, I encourage you to apply.

We have paper applications in our student support center where located upstairs in the library.

Anytime the library is open, student support services is open, so this is usually going to run in the neighborhood of 8:00 o’clock in the morning till 9:00 o’clock at night, Monday through Thursday, and then on Fridays we’re open 8:00 to 4:00. So if you need some help, if you need some assistance, come see us even if you’re not sure if you’re a first-generation student or if you would qualify for our program still, come see us. Fill out an application and we can go from there.

So, you know, best of luck this semester. Thank you for your attention and come see us if you need any help. Thank you.