Dr. Donna McDaniel discusses the Quality Enhancement Plan, CONNECT: Start Smart and Finish Strong.

First, I’d like to talk to you about our quality enhancement plan.

We call it connecting the work towards persistence and completion. Its called Connect: Start Smart Finish Strong and there are three components to our quality enhancement plan.

One begins with our faculty advising. So before I start talking about faculty advising, I want to share with you about our wonderful faculty. We have an amazing faculty here at Texarkana College.

When you ask students what is the best part about TC? They tell you it is our faculty.

They’re caring. They work extremely hard to help you be successful.

They’re approachable. They have an open door policy. I want you to know that because

I encourage you to make those relationships with your faculty. Go visit them in their office. Reach out to them via email and talk to them about what’s going on. With that great faculty, part of our quality enhancement plan is to have faculty of that advising we’re maximizing these relationships and maximizing our strengths with our faculty.

So, all of you will be assigned a faculty advisor during your first semester at Texarkana College. That faculty advisor will be someone from the faculty.

Sometimes it’s part of who you, who is an instructor in your major.

Other times it is not, but that faculty member will be who you contact to create your schedule each semester.

It is very important that you stay on your degree plan and your faculty advisor will help you pick the courses to ensure that you follow that degree plan because you know what today is imported in him at orientation. But the best day that we get to see you is on graduation, so our faculty advisor – they’re going to guide you through a pathway document in your degree plan to make sure that you are finishing as soon as possibe. We want to get you here at orientation. And we want to get you out at graduation. So that’s the first part.

The second part is a learning frameworks course. You should be enrolled in a learning frameworks course your first semester at Texarkana College. If you’re a part time student, it might not be your first semester.

It might be your second, but a learning frameworks course. It’s called PSYC 1300 and it is taught by one of our faculty members and part of this course is to teach you how to be successful in college.

We have a lot of different strategies that are incorporated in the learning. Frameworks course one is first of all, the textbook is as the seven habits of highly effective college students by Sean Covey.

And we focus on a lot of those habits and to help you not only to be a successful student, but just to be the best you that you can be.

We also incorporate in there strategies that you can use in courses such as different types of notetaking and other techniques that help you be as successful student.

And also during that class you will do a career project. That career project will be focusing on what your intent for your career to be and you’ll investigate that and look at all aspects of that career to ensure that you have all the information needed. You’ll also lay out a degree plan not only at TC, but at your transfer university. If you were to transfer. If not, you’ll go from your TC degree to the workforce.

So that’s the second component that learning frameworks course. We feel like it is a pillar of what helps our students be successful at Texarkana College.

Third, is an early alert system, so we hear at Texarkana College we are an attendance taking institution. Your instructors will be taking attendance. There will be in attendance of policy for each of your classes.

If you miss, we’re going to be contacting you, not only your instructor but someone else from the college is going to be reaching out to say hey, how can we help you?

Let me talk about the resources we have here at TC.

We do care about attendance and the reason we care as we know for you to be successful at Texarkana College you need to be attending class. Whether that’s virtually or face to face. So those are the three area components are about quality enhancement plan. It is a faculty advisor which you’re going to get one assigned to you here in the first semester, second is taking that learning frameworks course PSYC 1300 and last is our early alert system.

We’re going to be taking attendance, and we’re going to be checking in on you because we want you to be successful.

Currently, Texarkana College ranks first in the state of Texas with our four year graduation rates. And we are at 54.5% for our four year completion rate in the state.

The average is only 25.2%, so we’re almost double the state average we have had consistently high graduation rates over the past few years, and we’re very proud of that. And we attribute that to our quality enhancement plan and those three factors that I just spoke with you about.