Follow along as Mike Dumdei guides you through logging into myTC.

This session is to show you how to log into the myTC student portal. Of course to log into the portal, you first have to find the portal, and if you’re on the Texarkana College Home page, there’s a link to it right here on the home page.

myTC, another thing that you can do, which may be more convenient for most of you is you can go into a search and you can just type in myTC. All ran together. No spaces. Press the enter key and the Texarkana College student Portal link shows up as the first link in the search results.

What you’re looking for is this HTTPS://

Now today, I’m going to go to a demo site instead of the real site because I have a test student that I’m going to be using so you would click this link where I’m going to do is just go to the demo site which will look exactly like the real thing. So I’m going to the demo site.

This is what the real site also looks like and what you’re going to do next is you’re going to click on the login button.

Once you click log in, you’ll be prompted for your credentials and these were emailed to you about the same time that you submitted your ApplyTexas to Texarkana College.

It went to the email address that you put on your ApplyTexas, and so you’re looking for a couple emails from us. They should come from the Texarkana College Admissions Office.

One of them has your username, which is the myTC login email and another one has logging into myTC now. Depending on when you got the emails, they may or may not look exactly like this, but this is what you’re looking for. The content looks kind of like this, except you’ll see your username and password stuff down below.

If you can’t find those emails, you can always call the helpdesk at 903-823-3030 and they will help you out.

Hey now and today I’m going to log on as Abigail Beecher, my test student, and so I’m going to type in her first initial, her last name and then the last four of her student ID.

That will be the base name of most of your logins that you have and then type in the Texarkana College part because this is looking for an email address, not just the plain username.

So I typed that part in and hit the next button and then it’s going to ask me for Abby’s password. I’m going to type. That in. And then I’m going to click on sign in now if you’re on a public computer, you don’t want to stay signed in, but if you’re on a computer that’s not public, then you can just go ahead and click yes.

I want to click no this time. And because this is the very first time that Abby has signed in, she’s being asked to make a refund choice. And basically you have two choices that you can make, and once you ever answered the questions and do your refund choice, you won’t see this screen again.

But you can either choose to have refunds such as you know, Pell grants or whatever type other type of scholarship you might have. If you have money coming back from the college you wanted to go to your bank account, or do you want to put it on a TC money card, which is basically just a debit card that’s issued from a bank that Texarkana College does business with, so you have one or two choices there.

Today I’m going to click on make my choice later. You’ll want to do that, though at some point, and once I do that then I’m logged in as Abby.

And you’ll see here I have Abby’s picture and Abby has a student tab, which is where most of what you’re going to be doing is located. So I see Abby’s courses and Abby’s address and other information here about Abby.

And then when Abby is done, Abby wants to log back out, but he’s not done yet. So if Abby want to check her email, she could come over here.

Abby would go into her email. And if she wanted to come back to her home page, you could just click that so you can see here that now that she’s in she can do anything that she needs to do.

When Abby is finished, though, she’s going to click this. She’s going to log out. And now Abby is logged out.

Now let me tell you something about when Abby logs out just so that you don’t leave your computer in a state where somebody can just jump back in as you.

And that is because Abby recently logged in and she has not closed the browser window. All she has to do log back in again is click the log in button and Abby is immediately back into the system.

So if you want to want to actually fully make sure that that doesn’t happen, you need to close the browser completely and then. When we relaunch and come back in again and come back to the to the same site.

Right here and then when I click login because I close the browser window, it’s gonna make me retype Abby’s password in order to get back in. You notice it did remember that I was Abby, but it doesn’t remember the password.

I wasn’t really Abby if I was sitting down and this was wrong name you could hit the back button there say use another account and then you could type in the account that you wanted to put in here.

That’s all there is to signing into myTC. Again, if you have have have problems, you can always call the helpdesk and again that number is 903-823-3030.