Dr. Donna McDaniel discusses what to expect on the first day of classes.

So what does the first day look like for a Texarkana college student?

Well, first of all, the day before your class – probably that afternoon or evening you’ll receive an email from your instructor giving you the information of where where the class is going to meet, the time of the class and the expectations.

So it is very important that you check your TC emails, not your personal email. Your TC email is to find out that information from your instructor. All instructors will be sending that information out.

Now if your class doesn’t start until a Monday and our other classes have started our first day of classes on Wednesday. You may not get that information until Monday, right before the class starts, but we will be providing you information from your instructor to your TC email about what to do on the first day of class.

So let me give you some helpful tips for coming on campus for classes that are in person, traditional on campus classes. First of all, I know it looks like we have a lot of parking, but it might not be in the building that you need, so I encourage you to come to campus early. And good a good parking place. You may have to walk, so be here early.

Also, you may not know exactly where your building is. You may think it is in one location and have to go to another location.

Now, the first day the first few days of class like the first Wednesday in the first Thursday when we start there will be people out on campus directing you to where those buildings are, but I strongly encourage you to look at our map which is on our website. Find out where that building is so that you know where you’re going and to come early so that you have plenty of time to get there and you’re not rushed to get to your seat before the class begins.