Director of Disability Services, Tonya Blase, discusses accessibility accommodations.

Hello, my name is Tonya Blase and I’m the director of disability services and testing here at Texarkana College. I would like to take a moment just to say welcome to Texarkana College. We’re glad you’re here.

My job is to see that academically qualified students who had been diagnosed with a physical or learning disability have equal access to learning while they’re in attendance at Texarkana College through reasonable academic accommodations. So you may be thinking, “Mrs. Blase, I have a disability, but how do I go about applying for academic accommodations?” So really, there’s three things I need you to do for me, the first thing is to declare with my office that you have a disability.

I provided a link for this in the module. You can click on it, fill out the request and it will upload to me automatically. One of the most important things you can do is to declare with my office by filling this form out or I do not know you are in need here on TC.

The second thing you need to do is get your documentation of disability in order to receive accommodations, you must have it documented with your local health care provider. This could also be paperwork that you had if you’re coming straight out of high school from your local high school, that will work as well. If you have any questions about that, all you gotta do is call and ask me.

The third thing that you’re going to need is to make an appointment with me. You can call my office at 903-823-3349 and set up an appointment. And when you come in, you will bring that documentation with you and we’ll sit down and we’ll discuss what academic accommodations we need to put in place for you so that you will have equal access. Always stress access, because that’s important. I do my best at let you have equal access to all of our learning. I always tell students that the success part comes up to you. That’s totally on you.

If you were sitting there listening to me and you said, well, I’m not sure if I would qualify. Please reach out to me at that phone number that I just gave you and I’ll talk to you and we’ll see and we’ll go and we’ll figure out how we can go about getting your documentation in place so that you can have the best experience possible while you’re here with us at Texarkana College.

Thanks, I hope you guys have a great time this year.