Watch as Robert Jones, Dean of Students, welcomes you to Texarkana College.

Hello, I’m Robert Jones, Dean of students here at Texarkana College and I want to take this opportunity to welcome each and everyone of you to Texarkana College this semester. I want you to know we are here to make sure that your experience at Texarkana College is one that you really gonna enjoy. But to make this successful, it has to be a partnership. We have to work together. I’m here to help you, but you’re here to let me know what issues and problems it is that you’re going to have as Dean of students.

My main concern is to deal with the problems and issues of students. I cannot deal with these problems and issues at the end of the Semester. It’s very, very important when you have problems that you try to get them resolved as soon as possible, meaning what? You talked to someone. You talked to, your teacher, you talked to a Dean, you talked to someone in administration or you need to come and talk to me, Robert Jones. I’m located in the administration building on the 2nd floor. My door is always open. So you can always come in and talk to me and let us try to figure out what we need to do to resolve any issues that you have.

The other thing that you need to be aware of is you want to try to have the total college experience when you’re here at Texarkana College. Therefore you need to do more than go to class.

We have several clubs and organizations. Data supports the fact that students who get involved and who are active tend to be those who are more successful. You need to go out and see what’s available here at Texarkana College.

On September 23rd, We’re gonna have our fall fest, which will give you an opportunity to go out and talk to different community organizations, but more so to talk to the different clubs that we have here on campus to find out what it is that you might be interested in.

Also,you need to be aware of the fact that we have rules and regulations here at Texarkana College. We’re not here just doing whatever you want.We have a code of conduct and it’s important that you understand that when you violate those things that are in our code of conduct then you have to come and see the Dean of Students and that could be an OK experience or it could be a terrible experience. Basically if you just act the way that you are supposed to act, we don’t have any issues. But when you start slamming doors, you start hollering at people. You start using profanity and do those things that are not acceptable in our society. Then I have to do something about it. Hopefully it won’t come to that.

We’re gonna have a real good year. We going to, just beat COVID back. We’re gonna get involved. We’re gonna get active we’re gonna follow the rules.

We’re non-smoking, campus. You can’t smoke, chew, anything like that when any tobacco product here when your on Texarkana college.

We want all of our students to get a ID cards at all times. We want to know you want to know who you are and to make sure that you’re on campus. We do this for us, but we also do this for you.

But once again, I am Robert Jones, Dean of students here at Texarkana College, and I’m here to help you and make sure your experience here is one that is truly enjoyable. Have a great semester. Thank you.