Dr. Donna McDaniel discusses Computer Policy and WIFI.

Here at Texarkana College, we have a computer requirement policy. We require students to have a laptop. And you can purchase those on your own.

You can purchase those through our Texarkana College Bookstore and we also have other options that you can reach out to your instructor if you’re struggling to have a laptop computer, we do not allow you to use your cell phone as a laptop computer. And that is really important and there is a computer requirement policy.

It also states all the system requirements, such as it must have a webcam, a microphone, speakers or headphones.

It must have Windows 10 or the most recent version of Mac OS, and the hardware must be capable of running Microsoft Teams, which is a free download.

It must support Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser. It must be able to again run Microsoft Office, which is free to our Texarkana College students. Has to have Adobe Reader or another PDF viewer. It must be able to have antivirus software such as Windows Defender or another third-party antivirus solution. It also must be allowed or run the Respondus lockdown browser, which is used for taking tests. So all of these things are requirements and that is one of the reasons that we require you to have a laptop and smartphones, iPads, androids, Chromebooks are not acceptable. You must have a laptop.

This policy is located on our website and it will be available for you to view.

Since we have a computer requirement policy, I want to talk to you about our Wi-Fi spots on campus. You can look at our campus map and it has designated free Wi-Fi areas from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM on campus where you can go and sit and work outside or sit in your car and work.

We also have our Academic Commons which is available and has extended hours for free Wi-Fi usage.