Dr. Mary Ellen Young discusses the Commit to Complete pledge.

Hi everyone, we always say that Orientation day is our second favorite day at Texarkana College.

We love that you’re at Texarkana College and we welcome you here. But our favorite day is actually when we see you walk across the stage at graduation, completing your degree or certificate.

And so on this day what we want you to do is take the commit to complete pledge.

You’ll have a certificate and we want you to save that certificate and sign it.

And we want you to hang that somewhere where you study. And when times get tough and sometimes they will. Sometimes you’re going to take a test that you didn’t do as well, or sometimes life is just overbearing and we want you to hang in there.

Remember that you’re committing to complete with your degree or certificate, and we want you to hang in there.

We have different tutors on campus and other people that are here to help you.

We have an extremely caring faculty and staff. They love our students and they love you and are happy that you’re here. So with that said, as things get tough, we want you to reach out to other faculty members or to tutors and see how they can help you.

But again, today we want to focus on our commit to complete challenge. For you to overcome the obstacles in your way. And don’t let anyone steal your dreams. Hang in there and congratulations for taking this first step to being a student at Texarkana College.