Dr. Donna McDaniel discusses Class Offerings and Instruction Policies.

I would like to talk to you about the different types of courses we offer here at Texarkana College. So, we have four types of courses.

One is the traditional course which your extension of your course says TRA. The next is a web course which is an online course and the extension of the courses WEB.

Next is a hybrid course. It’s kind of a combination of the traditional course and the online course put together and the extension for it is HYB, and last is our newest type, of course delivery which is OOS it stands for online on a schedule, so I want to talk to you about those different types of courses so that you will completely understand the requirements to attend those classes. First, let’s talk about a traditional course. A traditional course you attend class at the designated time that is listed on your course schedule. The course delivery and instruction is going to be face to face in the classroom. However, the instructor may may choose to add content online for the students to review, and that’s what’s called a traditional course with the extension TRA.

Next is our web course which is online. Anytime WEB is the extension there and it’s considered a web based asynchronous class. This means that the class is a self paced class in which you, as the student are not required to meet on campus at any designated time. The course delivery will be entirely online with regular interaction with the instructor. And or classmates, this is what Texarkana College calls its traditional web online course.

Next is our hybrid course. There is a short amount of time that you meet on campus as well as some of the work is done online on your own time. So for example, instead of a course meeting for three hours face to face, you may only meet one hour face to face and then the other two hours of work you’re required to do online on your own. So that’s what a hybrid. Is it’s kind of a combination with some requirement of face to face on campus with the instructor and other students and then some requirement of online on your own time doing the work.

Lastly is our OOS which is online on a schedule. It indicates that a class is a web-based class, but it’s a synchronous class you meet during the times that are on your designated schedule, so the class will meet virtually through Microsoft Teams, but it’s meeting at a set time every day, which is set on your schedule. This is a face-to-face course, but the exception is that the students are attending virtually. You’re on the computer, as students will need to turn their camera on and participate in active learning portions of this course. Delivery and content may also be included online through Moodle or Jenzabar.

So those are the four different types of courses offered at Texarkana College. You have your traditional course. You have your web course which is online anytime. You have your hybrid course which is a combination of face-to-face traditional and the web online and then last is online on a schedule which it’s like meeting in class, you have a designated time but your meeting on the computer virtually through Microsoft Teams.