Dr. Donna McDaniel discusses the importance of checking your TC Email regularly.

So as I mentioned earlier about TC emails, it’s very important that you check your TC email regularly. The instructor, that is how they communicate you with you is through TC email.

We send out TC alerts which are important information that you need to read immediately.

We send out TC Today which is general information about events we have coming up on campus. Financial aid – they communicate with you only through your TC email. Your faculty advisors will email you and communicate with you through TC email.

And also our RAVE. We do have what’s called RAVE. You need to make sure that you’ve signed up on that and it will give you a message to your cell phone as well as to your TC email.

So, I strongly encourage you to check your TC email more than once a day. Check it regularly frequently add it to your phone.

If you have a phone, add that email address to your phone so you’re checking it regularly. Because that is how we communicate with you at Texarkana College.