Follow along as Pam Jefferson provides a brief overview of the Business office.

Hi, I’m Pam Jefferson. I am the cashier supervisor here at Texarkana college and I just want to briefly share with you about some of the services that we’re going to be providing to you while your students here at Texarkana College.

Miss Becky was talking about internal scholarships. I’m going to start with external scholarship or outside scholarship as we call them. Basically, if your church, your job, any kind of an outside agency has awarded you a scholarship and they’re curious to know where to send your scholarship check. They can actually send it to Texarkana College attn: Business Office, 2500. N Robinson Rd, Texarkana, Texas 75599. If they were to give the scholarship check to you, you’re more than welcome to bring it into the student accounts window or the Business Office and will actually provide you with a receipt for your scholarship. And then we’ll notify the financial aid office that your scholarship funds are here so they can get it awarded to your student account.

In addition to outside scholarships, we will assist you and help you with any kind of third party assistance that you’re receiving. So come by and see us if you do have an outside agency that’s going to be helping you pay for your classes will help you with that as well.

One of the many questions that we get asked or frequently asked questions we get asked in the business office is how can I use my financial aid to pay for my tuition and my books. Basically, it’s as Becky explained earlier. If you’ve been awarded your financial aid and you have accepted your terms and conditions, be sure you do that.

When you do that, your financial aid award will appear on your student account. At that time it is going to apply first towards your tuition and fees and the extra, financial aid that’s left over after your tuition and fees are taken care of will feed over to the TC bookstore, where you can actually use those funds to purchase your textbooks.

Key thing to remember when you’re going to the bookstore is please take a photo ID with you. They will be verifying your identity before they will allow you to actually purchase your textbooks using your financial aid, so be sure and take a photo ID with you when you go.

As a student, here you are responsible for ensuring that your tuition and fees are paid for, and we do have a lot of students who will actually complete their FAFSA and think that that’s all that they need to do.

A lot of times, that is true, and sometimes it’s not.

Sometimes your financial aid is not enough to cover everything, so if you do have any questions, any concerns on whether or not everything is taken care of, please feel free to either come by and see us. Give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to let you know the current status of your financial aid and if it is going to be enough to cover everything for you.

Lastly, on this slide, parking permit forms every student who is parked here on campus. You are going to be required to have a parking permit. Your first parking permit is already included with your tuition and fees. We just need for you to complete our parking permit form, bring it by the student accounts window and we’ll actually issue you your first parking permit.

If you do need additional parking permits, that’s perfectly fine. Go ahead and get a parking permit for when all the vehicles you’re going to be driving. Just know that your first one is included, but any additional sticker after your first one will cost you $2.00 each.