Important dates

March 14

Summer Registration begins

May 9

Summer Workforce
Registration & Payment deadline
How to make a payment online

May 23

Summer Workforce
Classes begin

May 23

Summer I
Registration & Payment deadline
How to make a payment online

June 6

Summer I
Classes begin

June 27

Summer II
Registration & Payment deadline
How to make a payment online

July 1

Summer I
Last day to drop

July 4

Independence Day Holiday (Campus closed)

July 7

Summer I
Final Exams

July 11

Summer II
Classes begin

July 15

Summer Workforce
Last day to drop

August 5

Summer II
Last day to drop

August 11

Summer II
Final Exams

August 12

Summer Workforce
Final Exams

Fee Assessment

Fees for Summer 2016 will be assessed at the time of registration. Summer 2016 registration begins Monday, April 18, 2016.


GENERAL FEES (subject to change)
27-hour rule Course (Developmental)$75per credit hour
3x Repeat Course$75per credit hour
Diploma$15per diploma
FCI Certificate$20per certificate
Extension fee (off-campus courses)$50per course
Freshman Orientation$20one time
HigherOne Replacement Card$25per card
ID Badge Replacement$10per ID
Late Registration$100per term
Non-funded course (includes auditing a course)$75per credit hour
Online Course$10per credit hour
Parking Sticker$15per school year
Payment Plan$30per term
Payment Plan Delinquency$25per late payment
Returned Check$30per returned check
Transcript$5per official transcript
VCT (Virtual College of Texas)$150per class
A2 Test$45per exam
ADN HESI Exit Exam (RSNG 5441)-one time
ADN HESI Midcurricular Exam (RNSG 1431)-one time
Application Fee for Credit of Prior Learning (non-refundable)$50one time
Credit by Exam$20per exam
CLEP$20per exam
CLEP$10per essay
EMT (Advanced)$35per exam
EMT (Basic)$20per exam
FCI - EPA Certification$35per exam
FCI - Universal R-410A Safety Certification$30per exam
LVN NCLEX Review$55per semester
NCCER Test fee (non-refundable) WLDG 1307, ELPT 1321 & 1419, IMNT 1305 & CNMT 1353, INTC 1356$20one time
NCCR E Text Access Card and Testing fee - Welding & HVAC$60-$218selected courses
Proctor Exams / VCT$15per exam
TSI$29per exam
TSI$10per section
TABE Workforce$15per exam
TABE Health Occupations$25per exam
Keyboard Proficiency$5per exam
VN ATI-per semester
Science Course (except BIOL 1322)$25per course
Art (except 1301)$20per course
Child Development$25per course
Communication (all COMM Classes)$25per course
Computer Technology$25per course
Developmental (Math, Reading, English/Writing)$30per course
Drafting$20per course
Drama$20per course
Emergency Medical Technology$25per course
Engineering$20per course
Math Fundamentals (MATH 1350 & 1351)$45per course
Music (MUSI 1390)$20per course
Music - Private Instruction (1 credit hour)$110per course
Music - Private Instruction (2 credit hours)$220per course
Nursing (ADN)$30per course
Nursing (ADN) ATI$225per semester
Nursing (ADN) & (VN) Simulation$100one time
Nursing (VN)$30per course
Nursing (VN) ATI$270per semester
Nursing Travel (RNSG 1261)-per course
Nursing Travel (RNSG 2460)$25per course
PE-Other (except 2301)$10per course
Workforce Consumables (subject to change)
AC & Refrigeration$65per course
Auto Body$60per course
Auto Tech$55per course
Construction Technology$75per course
Cosmetology$55per course
Culinary Arts$65per course
Diesel Tech$65per course
Electronics$65per course
Electricity$55per course
Industrial Maintenance$65per course
Office Careers$20per course
Welding$75per course
Insurance & Other Course related fees (subject to change)
Child Development Insurance (2324, 2387)$25per course
Cosmetology State Permit$25one time
CPR$15one time
EMT / Paramedic Liability Insurance$77per academic year
CNA Liability Insurance (NURA 1160)$20per academic year
Pharmacy Tech Liability Insurance (PHRA 1260)$20per academic year
Health Sciences Liability Insurance$25per academic year
TurnItIn, selected Humanities courses$3per course
PIVOTPoint (also upon re-entry)$150one time
Dual Credit
Academic: In-District$100per course
Academic: Out-of-District$125per course
Academic: Non-Resident$150per course
Workforce, TC Campus: In-District$300per course
Workforce, TC Campus: Out-of-District$325per course
Workforce, TC Campus: Non-Resident$350per course
Workforce, ISD Campus: Non-Resident$125per course
Workforce, ISD Campus: Out-of-District$150per course
Workforce, ISD Campus: Non-Resident$175per course
Non-Funded - ISD Campus Course fee$150per course
Housing Deposit$200one time
Housing: Apartment$2,000per semester

Student statements may be viewed and/or printed from myTC.

Payment Due Date

Registration for Summer 2016 begins March 14. Your payment due date will be determined as follows:

Registration/Schedule Adjustment Payment Due Date
Summer I
March 14 – May 23
May 23, 2016 by 5 p.m.
Summer II
March 14 – June 27
June 27, 2016 by 5 p.m.
Summer Workforce
March 14 – May 9
May 9, 2016 by 5 p.m.


Registration/Schedule Adjustment Payment Due Date
Summer I
May 24 – June 6
Same day as registration
Summer II
June 28 – July 11
Same day as registration
Summer Workforce
May 10 – May 23
Same day as registration

Failure to pay by these deadlines will result in your classes being dropped for non-payment.

Students who do not pay by the payment due date will be dropped for non-payment.

Payments may be made via the web through myTC. Texarkana College also offers a payment plan through Nelnet Business Solutions (formerly FACTS Management) for the total of tuition and fees.  View step-by-step instructions on how to pay your bill in full or how to set up an installment plan. Student statements may also be viewed and/or printed from the web.