Important dates

November 10

Registration begins

December 18

Financial aid priority deadline
How to apply

January 5-16

Spring 2015 Mini-Term

January 6

January 8

Payment deadline for students who register Nov. 10-Jan. 8
How to make a payment online

January 12

Workforce semester begins

January 15

Payment deadline for students who register Jan. 9-15
How to make a payment online

January 20

Academic semester begins

February 2

14-week semester begins

February 27

Anticipated beginning date for refunds via HigherOne Card, excluding first-time loan borrowers

March 2

Anticipated mailing date for refund checks for students who do not have a HigherOne card

May 14

Semester ends

Fee Assessment

Fees for Spring 2015 will be assessed at the time of registration. Spring 2015 registration begins Monday, November 10, 2015. View a complete listing of tuition and fees for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Student statements may be viewed and/or printed from myTC.

Payment Due Date

If you register (or adjust your schedule) for Spring 2015 through the end of the first week of classes your payment due date will be determined as follows:

Registration/Schedule Adjustment Payment Due Date
November 10 – January 8 January 8
*January 9 – January 15 January 15

Students who register on or after Friday, January 9, 2015, will be assessed a $100 late registration fee.

Students who do not pay by the payment due date will be dropped for non-payment.

Payments may be made via the web through myTC. Texarkana College also offers a payment plan through Nelnet Business Solutions (formerly FACTS Management) for the total of tuition and fees.  View step-by-step instructions on how to pay your bill in full or how to set up an installment plan. Student statements may also be viewed and/or printed from the web.

Financial Aid

Anticipated financial aid may be viewed through the myTC online financial aid system. You can get up-to-date information on your financial aid award(s) by logging in and choosing the “Your Award” tab.

NOTE: Anticipated awards are subject to change. If, for any reason, your actual awards cannot be credited to your account, the anticipated awards will be removed and you will be responsible for paying the balance. Anticipated awards are based on full-time enrollment and will be adjusted based upon final financial aid eligible hours.

Please be aware that anticipated awards are notations for information only. We display anticipated aid as well as your current charges as a courtesy so you will know the amount you are expected to pay by the due date. Anticipated aid does NOT actually reduce the balance on your account nor is it refundable.

Important Financial Aid Dates

Priority Deadline: December 18, 2014 – Your financial aid file must be complete (including all applicable documents) by this date to ensure your financial aid will be processed in time for the Spring 2015 semester.

SAP Appeal: January 6, 2015 – If you must file an appeal for Satisfactory Academic Progress, it must be completed along with all applicable documentation and turned into the financial aid office by this date. This includes appeals for Max Credits.

Refunds of Financial Aid : Refunds via Higher One Card are anticipated to be transmitted beginning Friday, February 27, 2015 for all applicable refunds due, excluding first-time loan borrowers. Students who do not have a Higher One Card can expect refund checks to be mailed on March 2, 2015. Please verify that your address on file with our Enrollment Services Office is correct.