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Important reminder about changes to TC student email system (updated)

Status update on conversion: The conversion has completed for all currently enrolled students. Click this post for important login information. Remember only new mail will be in your Office 365 Email box. Use “Legacy Mail” from the myTC portal to access mail sent to you prior to the conversion. Hope you like the new system. Office 365 has several cool features in addition to email we will be introducing you to in the future.

Email accounts belonging to students who are currently enrolled or recently enrolled will be moved Friday (completed). Older accounts will be moved next week.

Logging in for the first time

Important information on how the conversion affects you as a student:


Any mail sent to your current TC email account will be automatically forwarded to your new account.

To access your new mail, you will have several options:

If a “Sign In” dialog box is displayed with the heading “”, use the same login name and password you use to log into the myTC portal. The dialog shows an example for the format of the user name as “Domainusername”. You do not need to enter Domain information. Enter only your login name (Ex: j.doe1234) as the top entry and your myTC password in the password box.

*Instructions and information on how to forward emails from the old system to the new system and how to configure your mobile devices will be provided once the new system is fully active.

Important information regarding phishing and online scams

There are thousands of schemes on the Internet to trick you into clicking something or visiting a site that will steal your credentials or load a virus onto your computer. It is smart not to believe everything that you get via email, no matter how legitimate it may seem. You should have recently received an email from Texarkana College containing the same information that appears in this news item. This is probably one of the only emails you will receive from TC that has truthful information about changes to email and, as stated, it will be backed up by information on our website. If you receive any other emails that appear to be from Texarkana College regarding information about your email account, always check the website for news updates that confirm that the information is valid. DO NOT BELIEVE other emails about changes to your account. A follow up email will be sent after the conversion is complete and it will arrive in your new email box.

Also, you may have been receiving notices your password needed changed within the next week or so. That was legitimate, but we are going to reset the expiration date on all passwords since we don’t want to add additional hurdles during the email switch. Those notices will go away today some time. If you already changed your password, the change will stick – we are only changing the expiration dates.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our help desk.

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