With Teams, you can send invitations to users that do not have Texarkana College email accounts. The experience on their end will be very similar to what they would experience with a Zoom meeting.

Option 1. Open Teams and schedule a meeting. Add the email addresses of external users you want to join. You can mix and match both internal and external users on the list of those you are inviting.

Teams - Schedule a meeting

That part is simple but keep reading for a few things you need to be aware of.

In some situations, a user’s email program may strip the hyperlinks out of calendar invites. When that happens, the user sees text requesting them to click and join, but nothing happens when the link is clicked. Option 2 solves that problem by sending the link in a regular email instead of as a calendar invite.

Option 2. Open Teams and schedule a meeting, but DO NOT add your external users. Once the meeting has been created, go to the Teams calendar, and double-click the meeting to view the content.
Once you have opened the meeting, select the entire content of the body – drag through it with the mouse, or click in the body area and press Ctrl-A. With the text selected, right-click and choose Copy or press Ctrl-C.

Open Outlook and start a mail message.

1) Paste the content you copied from Teams into the body of the email.
2) Enter the emails of the recipients on the To line.
3) Enter the subject. Since this will not be a calendar invite, it is a good idea to include the time of the meeting in the subject of the email.

Send the email.

Teams - Send an email about the meeting

The Lobby. By default, external users are placed in a Lobby and must be admitted by the presenter before they can actually join the meeting. If you want to allow them to bypass the Lobby, there is an option under Meeting Options (the same place you choose who can Present) that allows you to do that. Be aware anyone with the link can join your meeting if you allow guests to bypass the Lobby.

To enable guests to bypass the Lobby, choose Meeting Options, click the drop-down next to “Who can bypass the lobby?” and change the setting from “People in my organization” to “Everyone”.

Teams - Lobby options

Download a pdf version of Sending Teams Meeting Invites to Non-TC Users.