This guide steps through the process of using the Online Bookstore to order your textbooks.

  1. In your web browser, go to: or Click the link for the bookstore found on the TC website (1, 2) and then click the online bookstore link (3) on the Bookstore web page.
    Online Book Order - Bookstore link
    Online Book Order - URL
  2. Click on Textbook Lookup.
    Online Book Order - Textbook lookup
  3. Under ‘Textbook Lookup’, click on the year and semester for which you are wanting to purchase books. Note: Mini-term courses are found under the associated full term.
    Online Book Order - Choose term
  4. Click the Department, Course, and Section to locate the textbook. The example shows ACCT 1303 section D1 taught by Shawna Watkins.
    Online Book Order - Choose course
    Once you have located the proper textbook, click the checkbox (5) for the book you want and add it to your shopping cart (6).
    Online Book Order - Choose options
  5. As you select books, you can ‘Continue Shopping’ or ‘Checkout’. Choose ‘Checkout’ after selecting all the books you want to order.
    Online Book Order - Continue or Checkout
  6. On the check out page, review your selections, and then enter the required fields:
    • Email address
    • First and last name
    • Address and phone number
    • If your books are to be delivered to a different address than the billing address, clear the ‘Delivery Information’ checkbox (1) and enter the desired Shipping Address.
      Online Book Order - Delivery Information
  7. IMPORTANT: The next step is the Payment Method. If you are using any type of Financial Aid to pay for books, you MUST select ‘Pay with Student Account’. If paying without Financial Aid, choose the CashNet option.
    Online Book Order - Payment Method
  8. Select whether you will accept substitutions on your order.
    Online Book Order - Substitution option
  9. If you do select to use Financial Aid for payment, you will be prompted to sign, signifying you grant permission for TC to deduct the cost of books from your Financial Aid award.
    Online Book Order - Sign
    You may need to scroll down to see the signature block.
  10. Review and submit your order. You will be prompted for credit card information if you chose the CashNet option in step 7.
    Online Book Order - Credit Card info

This completes your order and your books will be shipped to the address specified.

Download a pdf version of How to order books online.