If you have prior experience with Zoom, GoTo Meeting, WebEx, or a similar online conferencing application, you will find participating in a Teams meeting to be a familiar experience. You receive an email with a link, you click the link at the scheduled time, and then sign into the meeting. At sign-in time, you can choose to either download the Teams app (recommended) or join using your web browser. If you choose the web browser option, you must use either Chrome, Edge, or Internet Explorer. This guide steps through joining a Teams meeting using the “download the Teams app” option.

Note: If you are already comfortable with your computer system, you probably do not need this guide – just click the “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” link that comes in the email. The guide provides detailed steps for those who may need them.

1) You will receive an email with a link.

Teams - Open invite email

2) Open the email and click the link when it is time to join the meeting.

Teams - Click Join Microsoft Teams Meeting link

You may click before the time of the meeting if you want to check your setup, but you will be the only one there.

If a dialog box appears on your screen that says Open Microsoft Teams, you already have the Teams app.

1) click “Open Microsoft Teams” to join the meeting. If you see a dialog that asks if you want to open a URL or a website,

Click Open Microsoft Teams

2) click Cancel to dismiss the dialog, and then click

Open Teams desktop app

3) Download the Windows app. The button will be different if you use a Mac or Linux.

If you have Teams and do not see the Open Microsoft Teams option, click 4) Launch it now to proceed with Teams.

This step only applies if you chose option 3 in the previous step and are joining a Teams meeting for the first time. Choosing option 3 in the previous step will download the Teams app to your computer. Depending on your browser, the app will either open automatically or there will be an option to click the app once it is finished downloading.

1) Click the link to join the meeting if it does not start automatically.

Install after it downloads

1) Click on where it says, “Enter name”, enter your name. 2, 3) Use the toggles to enable or disable your video camera and microphone. It is recommended you disable both when first joining and then enable as desired during the meeting. As shown, both are enabled. 4) Click the “Join now” button to join the meeting.

Joining options

DO NOT click the X) Audio off button.

Once you click join meeting, you will be connected to the meeting. If this is your first time to use the Teams app, you may need to approve allowing Teams access through your firewall.

Depending on how the presenter has configured the session, you will either enter directly into the meeting or placed in the “Lobby”. If you are placed in the Lobby, you will see the screen on the right. Once the presenter starts the session and admits you to the meeting, you will be ready to begin.

In the Teams lobby

Download a pdf version of Joining a Teams Meeting for Users without a TC Account.