Microsoft Teams is collaboration software used to connect with others in an online environment. Texarkana College is using Teams as one of the tools to enable the college to conduct classes online. These instructions provide instructions on how to load Teams on a computer or a mobile device.

Installing on Windows, Mac, or Linux

Microsoft Teams is pre-loaded on TC Windows systems. If you are using a TC owned Windows-based system, you can start Teams from the menu – no installation is required. If you are installing Teams on your personal computer or laptop, please follow these instructions:

Download Teams for desktops
  1. Download Microsoft Teams: If you simply click Download on the webpage, it should automatically determine what version you need. If it doesn’t, scroll to the bottom of the page and select your operating system.
  2. Teams will download to your system. On most systems, the location of the downloaded installation file will appear in the corner of your web browser. Click the download to install the software or follow the normal procedure used by your computer system for installing packages.
  3. When you run Teams, you may need to sign in. Sign in using your full TC email address and password. If another account is suggested, choose “other user” and log in with your TC credentials.
  4. Allow Teams to use your microphone and camera if asked. The camera is optional, but the microphone is required for live online sessions. You may disable either your microphone or camera at any time during a session.

Install Teams on an Apple iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet

Microsoft Teams mobile download
  1. Apple: Open the App Store on your mobile device and search for “Microsoft Teams”. Android: Open the Play Store and search for “Microsoft Teams”.
  2. Tap Install and agree to the download.
  3. Click to open Teams.
  4. You will be asked to “Sign In”. If the App suggests signing in with an account that is not your TCemail account, choose to sign in as another user. You must sign in with your TC email address.
  5. Enter your full TC email address when asked for your sign-in address. Supply your password if asked to do so.
  6. Teams asks if you want to accept Notifications. The recommended answer is “Yes” so you do not miss communications with your peers.
  7. Next Teams requests access to your microphone and possibly your camera. You must approve access to your microphone for Teams to work correctly in live online sessions. During a session, you may opt to mute both your microphone and camera as desired.
  8. Click through the 4 or 5 “Welcome to Teams” screens and the installation is complete.

In case of difficulty, contact the TC HelpDesk at 903-823-3030 or Include your name and phone number in your message.

During non-business hours or when the Help Desk is experiencing peak load, you may be asked to leave voicemail. Calls are monitored and will be returned as soon as possible.

Download a pdf version of Installing Microsoft Teams.