This document contains detailed instructions for installing Microsoft Teams on a mobile device and configuring it for use at Texarkana College. The device shown is an iPhone, but installation on an Android device would be nearly the same. The primary difference between the two installations is whether you press the App Store icon (iPhone) or the Play Store icon (Android). The first 3 steps are downloading the app. What to do once you have the app, begins at step 4 and is the same for either iPhone or Android. 

  1. Tap the App Store icon or the Google Play icon depending on the type of mobile device you have. Teams Install Mobile app store
  2. On an iPhone, if the Search bar doesn’t appear, tap the Search icon at the bottom of the screen. On Android, use the Android’s method of locating an app in the Play Store. Teams Install Mobile search app store
  3. Search for “Microsoft Teams”. The icon for Teams should look like the one in the picture. Tap the Download icon. Steps on an Android will be similar. Teams Install Mobile get app
  4. Once fully downloaded, an option to immediately Open the app appears on the iPhone. Both iPhone and Android will have a new Teams icon on the device. Tap Open or tap the Teams icon to start Teams for the first time. Teams Install Mobile open appTeams Install Mobile app icon
  5. The first time you launch Teams, you will be asked to sign in. If the displayed login is not your email address, choose “Sign in with another account”. Only tap the displayed address if it is your TC email address. Teams Install Mobile sign in
  6. Fill in the account name with your complete TC email address and tap the Sign In button. Whether accessing Teams from a mobile device or a Desktop ALWAYS use your full email address when signing in. Teams Install Mobile full email address
  7. Another sign-in screen will appear. This one will ask for your login AND your password. Enter your TC email address and your TC password. This is the same password that you log in to myTC with. Call the Help Desk at 903-823-3030 if you need password assistance. Teams Install Mobile second login screen
  8. After signing in, you need to allow notifications and use of your microphone. Choose “Allow” when asked if you want Notifications and “Ok” to allow Teams to your microphone. Teams Install Mobile allow notificationsTeams Install Mobile microphone access
  9. Next, there are 2 or 3 “Welcome” screens. Once you swipe past the Welcome screens, you are in Teams! Teams Mobile Install welcome screens

If you are unable to complete the installation successfully, email the TC Help Desk at or call the Help Desk by dialing 903-823-3030.

Download a pdf version of Installing Teams on a Mobile Device.