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Don’t want to install? Use Office Apps online

For installing on mobile devices (phone/tablet) please see the instructions provided by Microsoft.  Select your device from the list of options at the Microsoft Mobile Products page.

1. Browse to: https://portal.office.com/OLS/MySoftware.aspx.  Log in using your TC Email account.

2. If prompted to login use your TC email address as the login name and your TC password:


3. The system will automatically select either a PC or Mac version depending on what type of computer you have. Click “install”.



4. Some browsers will ask you to (a) “Save File” or “Cancel”. Others will have a (b) “Run” option. Use the “Run” option if it is available and go to step 6, otherwise choose “Save”.





5. If you chose option “a” in step 4, locate the downloaded file and run it. Most browsers have an icon that will display the downloaded file. If it does not, you will locate the Download folder using the Computer icon on the Start Menu (Windows 7 or earlier) or Search (Windows 8). Some examples are shown below:


6. On the dialog, choose to “Run” the file if asked. The installation will start and load Microsoft Office on your computer. All that is left is for you to answer any prompts the software presents during installation. This is a “streaming” subscription which means the software will be downloaded from the Internet and may take a while to complete.