Prior to the beginning of each term a student who has completed the application process may register for courses for the coming semester.

    1. After submitting your application for admission online, you will receive a letter of confirmation.
    2. Meet with an advisor for first-time-in-college students.
    3. Complete appropriate assessment testing.
    4. Come to theAdvising Office. High school transcripts and ACT, SAT, THEA, TASP scores, if available, should be brought to the advisement session to assist in placement. Assessment tests must be completed prior to advisement.
    5. Complete registration.
    6. Pay tuition by required date
Your mandatory advisement session will help you:
► Develop an educational plan related to your career goals, current commitments and basic skill level;
► Determine what courses to take to meet your educational goals;
► Plan your course schedule;
► Learn how to complete the registration process; and

► Know where to go if you need help.

  • You must pay by the required date or your enrollment in courses may be purged from the registration records.
  • First-time-in-college students cannot register online.
  • Register early!