Begin by logging in to myTC at using your username and password.

  1. Click the Student Tab
  2. Click Advising
  3. Once the Advising page appears, click on “View all details.”
    Student tab, Advising page, course needs
  4. Once your requirements appear, click on the blue hyperlink for your major. Do NOT click the CORE requirement. The next screen could take a few minutes to load.
    select your major
  5. From here, you can look at the Course Requirements (A) and Category Requirements (B). The Course Requirements list specific courses that you will need to have. When you click on the Category Requirements, it will often bring up a list of courses from which you can choose to satisfy an academic area. Please note that Free Electives are any college-level course that is not already within the degree plan or satisfied in the core.
    view course requirements or category requirements
    When you click on a Category Requirement, you’ll get a screen like this showing you the classes you can choose to satisfy that category:
    See available courses
  6. You’ll notice a link for each class that says “See available courses…” Clicking this will take you to a list of times and days that course is offered for the current term.

You can see the teacher, how many seats are open, when it is offered, and the day the class starts. You’ll also see an “Add” column on the far left. Click the box of the class you want to add and select “Add Courses.” You can register for more classes by repeating steps 1-6.

If you get a message that you have a hold and can’t register for the class, please contact Enrollment Services at 903-823-3012

Download a pdf version of How to view course needs and register