From the Texarkana College website,, click on the myTC icon in the right hand corner. Login to myTC using your Texarkana College user name and password.



  1. After you log in,
  2. Click on the Faculty tab.
  3. Click on Advisors in the light blue box on the left side.faculty-advising-worksheet1
  4. In the Advisee Roster section, you can enter the Student ID number or the student’s last name and click Search or just leave both blank and click Search to return that student or a list of all of your advisees that have been assigned to you.faculty-advising-worksheet2
  5. This particular example indicates that there are more students as indicated by the Next Page link above the Need to Register column. To view the student’s information, click on the student’s name and the Advisee Details screen will appear.faculty-advising-worksheet3
  1. The top section of the Advisee Details lists information pertaining to the student.
  2. Sometimes the Hold section will be present if applicable for the student.
  3. The Tools and Information section, includes several areas. The Academic Records section includes Academic History, Course History, GPA Projection, Grade Report, and Unofficial Transcript.
  4. The Advising section provides information about the required courses and the degree or certificate. The Course Needs link will present the requirements. Click one of the requirements to view the requirements and an option to print a PDF version of the Advising Worksheet.
  5. The Financial Aid section displays limited Financial Aid information about the student.
  6. The Registration section, shows the student’s schedule and allows course searches.
  7. The Address section displays the student’s address on file.faculty-advising-worksheet4
    Clicking on the Advisee Details In the breadcrumb trail will take you back to the Advisee Details screen. Clicking on the Advisee Roster will take you back to the list of Advisees.


Download a pdf version of How to View Advising Worksheets.