Ready, Set, Apply!

To be admitted in Texarkana College Dual Credit Programs, you must submit an:

  1. ApplyTexas application
  2. Current In-Progress High School Transcript
  3. Dual Credit / Early Enrollment form

Application tips

Before you get started:

  1. Dual credit students take college classes while enrolled in high school. Early Enrollment students take college classes ON CAMPUS while enrolled in high school. Seek guidance from your high school counselor or the TC Dual Credit Coordinator to ensure you’re in the appropriate program.
  2. Have an active email address.
  3. Know your Social Security Number.
  4. If you live in Texas, know your county.
  5. The residency section must be completed per your parents’/legal guardians’ residency status. Please seek assistance from your parents/legal guardians.
    1. If your parents have Permanent Resident Alien Number or are on a Visa, make sure you know the Visa type or Permanent Resident Alien Number.


Go to


If you did not create a profile in Apply Texas click ‘Create your account now’.  If you already created a profile you will need to login with your username and password that you generated on Apply Texas.  Your login credentials are emailed to your personal email upon creation of your account.


If you haven’t created a profile, proceed filling out the required profile information.

Once you have a profile click on the ‘My Applications’ tab then click ‘Start a New Blank Application’.



Select ‘create a new 2 year college admissions application’












Your Application will not be submitted until you have clicked the ‘Submit Application Now’ button.  When you get to the ‘You Have Successfully Submitted Your Application’ screen you have completed the application.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to take note of your ApplyTexas Username, Password, and Application ID.

Download a pdf version of How to apply to Texarkana College – Dual Credit.