Welcome to Texarkana College. We are delighted that you have chosen to get a head start on your college education by participating in the Texarkana College Dual Credit Program.

Texarkana College is a publicly-supported, two-year community college dedicated to serving the educational needs of diverse individuals, businesses, and the community through relevant programs and services that are high quality, affordable and accessible.

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Dual Credit Purpose

The Dual Credit program at Texarkana College allows high school students to earn high school and college credits simultaneously. Through dual credit agreements, the college and the public school districts have selected courses that meet both high school and college learning objectives. Dual Credit Agreements must be annually updated, approved and signed by both required parties before students are allowed to enroll in dual credit courses. These courses are offered at local high schools and as online classes. Students interested in participating in this program must meet Texas Success Initiative assessment requirements appropriate for each course. To enroll in these classes, students must complete TC’s admission requirements. Interested students should contact their high school counselors. Home schooled students should contact TC’s Dual Credit Coordinator.

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Dual Credit Partners

The Texarkana College Dual Credit Program proudly serves 16 Independent School Districts. The schools that make up the Texarkana College taxing district are: DeKalb, Hooks, Liberty Eylau, Maud, New Boston, Pleasant Grove, Premier, Redwater, Simms, and Texarkana. The other schools in TC’s dual credit service area are: Atlanta, Avery, Bloomburg, Linden Kildare, McLeod, and Queen City. Texarkana College has Dual Credit Institutional Agreements with all ISD partners. They are annually updated, approved and signed by both required parties before students are allowed to enroll in dual credit courses.

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Class Locations

Academic classes are offered at local high schools and online. Check with your high school counselor for a list of approved dual credit classes.

Workforce classes are offered at local high schools and Texarkana College campus/sites. Check with your high school counselor for a list of approved dual credit classes.

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Workforce Classes on TC Campus/Sites

Students attending workforce classes located on Texarkana College campus and/or a TC site are expected to follow the Dual Credit Workforce Attendance and Behavioral Policy. Please see below:

  • Students missing more than 10 days per semester will be dropped from the program. Some programs have a stricter policy on absentee due to state contact hour requirements.
  • High school students attending TC campus/site workforce classes are required to follow the same classroom policy and procedure as adult students. Classroom incidents are documented and sent to the high school administrator. Students are dropped from the program on the 4th incident within a semester. Students must follow the Dual Credit Discipline Policy if they wish to dispute an incident. All meetings with TC faculty/staff must be scheduled through the high school. No visitors or phone calls are allowed during class times. Parents are required to check out their child at their high school. The high school must notify TC of this in advance.

Dual Credit Attendance Policy

  1. Students missing more than 10 days per semester will be dropped from the program. Some programs have a stricter policy due to state contact hour requirements. Students should check with their high school counselor for more information.
  2. Absences due to high school activities will be excused. However, some programs may require students to complete makeup hours depending on program requirements or semester credits may not be earned.
  3. Absences due to ISS or high school detention are not excused and will count against the allotted 10 days per semester.

Dual Credit Discipline Policy

  1. Students are dropped upon the 4th incident report within a semester.
  2. Student wishing to dispute an incident must first meet with their high school administrator.
  3. Students who have met with their high school administrator and wish to meet with a Texarkana College Instructor or Dean must set up the meeting through their high school administrator.
  4. No visitors or phone calls are allowed on TC campus during class times. Therefore, the high school official must schedule meetings in advance.

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Dual Credit Distance Education

Dual Credit distance education classes follow guidelines published by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (COC), the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, the Texas Administrative Code, and the Texarkana College Board of Trustee’s Policy Manual. Please refer to the Texarkana College Distance Education handbook for more information.

High school students may be able to take courses not offered as dual credit. Students are considered an early admission student. Please see the Dual Credit Coordinator for more information.

Choosing Courses

Core curriculum and degree plans can vary from college to college; it is advisable for students who know either their preferred degree/major or preferred college to verify the dual credit courses they choose are appropriate for that degree plan or school. This will reduce the risk of students taking courses they will not need for their degree or college. However, Texas law guarantees transferability of coursework with a C or better if it satisfies a Core area and the student will attend a Texas public college.

For course descriptions and specified prerequisites, see the section of the TC catalog/handbook providing course descriptions. Students should check the catalog of the senior college of their choice for transfer requirements. At least 25% of semester credit hours earned toward an associate degree from TC must be earned through instruction offered by Texarkana College. Workforce Education Course Manual (WECM) coursework can make up no more than 9 semester credit hours of the elective requirements for the General Studies degree plan. Use of WECM coursework toward elective requirements must be approved by the Registrar. These courses are noted with a ‘W’ in the Course Description section of the TC Catalog.

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Registration Checklist

Dual-Credit Student Services

Apply for Graduation

If you are a student in the last semester of completing your degree,

  • Login to myTC and click on the Student tab
  • Look for the Graduation link on the left side menu
  • Click on the Graduation link and fill out and submit your application for graduation.

Contact Information

Stephanie Stokes
Dual Credit Coordinator
(903) 823-3214

Section II – General Information for students

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for enrollment in a dual credit course, students must be a high school student and meet all the college’s regular prerequisite requirements designated for that course (e.g., minimum score on a specified placement test, minimum grade in a specified previous course, etc.) Included in this program are academic and workforce course offerings. This program is not in competition with, or in lieu of, high school credit. It is designed to offer high school students the opportunity to accelerate their educational program.

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Dual Credit Admissions Requirement

To be admitted to the dual credit program, all students must:

  1. Talk with their high school counselor for ISD requirements, special instructions and registration date
  2. Complete a TC application for admission at (New students only) Apply Texas instructions are listed in this section
  3. Present a dual credit registration formwith all required signatures and information. Form should be obtained from students’ high school counselor
  4. Present a current signed high school transcript (New students only)
  5. Students who will be attending class on a TC campus will need to present a copy of their vaccination/shot record verifying the Meningitis vaccination within the last 5 years. (Students must receive vaccination no later than 10 days prior to the first day of class). Students may qualify for a waiver or exemption. Please contact TC’s Office of Enrollment Services for more information, 903-823-3012
  6. Present proof of TSI exemption or approved test scores for course/courses. More information listed below.

Required Assessments and Exemptions

A student must meet all of the college’s regular course prerequisites and demonstrate college readiness by achieving the minimum passing standards under the provisions of the Texas Success Initiative (TSI):

  • ACT: composite score of 23 with 19 on English and/or math
  • SAT: SAT will no longer require a composite score. Score of 480 on reading and writing and/or 530 on math
  • STAAR End-of-Course (EOC) for dual credit eligibility: score of 4000 on English II; score of 4000 on Algebra I and a passing score in high school Algebra II
  • TSI Assessment standards: Reading, 351; Writing, Multiple choice = 340, essay = 4 or multiple choice = less than 340 and an ABE diagnostic of 4, and Essay = 5.
  • ACT-Aspire: English 435 and/or Math 431 (can only be used for enrollment during junior year unless students have satisfied TSI through completed coursework or other testing)
  • PSAT: (Prior to October 15th, 2015) combined score of 107 (critical Reading + Math) with 50 on critical reading and/or math. (On or after October 15th, 2015) a score of 460 (critical Reading and Writing). A score of 510 (Mathematics) on or after October 15th, 2015)


Workforce Dual Credit: Students wishing to enroll in level I workforce courses are eligible for dual credit without testing requirements.

If a student does not meet entrance requirements through one of the above guidelines:

Students may take the state approved TSI Assessment. A pre-assessment and referral form for the test must be obtained in the TC Advising Center. There is a $10.00 fee for each part of the assessment taken. A picture ID is required in order for the Testing Center personnel to administer the assessment. All tests are administered in the Assessment & Testing Center located in the Texarkana College Library. Students needing to re-test are encouraged to seek tutorial and/or test prep assistance to maximize their potential for improvement on a re-test attempt. Students can obtain a practice test in the TC’s Office of Enrollment Services. Students needing to test should follow the steps below.

  1. See their high school counselor for advisement
  2. Contact TC’s Assessment and Testing Center for available test times, cost and guidelines, 903-823-3278
  3. Visit TC’s Office of Enrollment Services to receive a ticket to test.
  4. Students should provide a copy of their scores to their high school counselor




Discipline Course Name Cut Score
MATH 1314 or other college level math College Algebra or other college level math 350+




Discipline Course Name Cut Score
ENGL 1301
BIOL 1406
BIOL 1407
BIOL 2401
BIOL 2402
DAAC 2466
ENGL 1301
ENGL 2322
ENGL 2327
ENGL 2328
ENGL 2332
ENGL 2333
ENGL 2341
GOVT 2305
GOVT 2306
HIST 1301
HIST 1302
PSYC 2301
SOCI 1301
SPCH 1315
SPCH 1321
Composition I
Biology for Science Majors I
Biology for Science Majors II
Anatomy & Physiology I
Anatomy & Physiology II
Practicum-Alcohol/Drug Abuse Counseling
Composition I
British Literature I
American Literature I
American Literature II
World Literature I
World Literature II
Forms of Literature
Federal Government
Texas Government
U.S. History I
U.S. History II
General Psychology
Introductory Sociology
Public Speaking
Business and Professional Speaking




Discipline Course Name Cut Score
ENGL 1301 Composition I Multiple Choice = 340
Essay = 4
Multiple Choice =Less than 340 and an ABE Diagnostic of 4, and Essay = 5+

 NOTE: Comp I requires both Reading and Writing portion of the test.

Apply Texas Instructions

NOTE: Apply Texas Must Be Done At Least 48 Hours Before Registration

Help for creating an account below:

  • Complete all items in the ‘My Profile’ tab
  • Type in your name (Suffix is the part of your legal name if it ends with: II, III, Jr. and/or Sr. LEAVE BLANK IF IT DOES NOT APPLY.)
  • Permanent Mailing Address and Phone Number (Leave Country Code blank.)
  • Current Mailing Address and Phone Number (Complete this section even if it is the same as Permanent Mailing Address. Include the area code with your phone numbers. Do not use spaces or dashes.)
  • Password Information (you will create a password)
  • Make sure you click on ‘Save Profile’
  • You will receive your username
  • Go to your email to verify the link in order to access your account.
  • Log back in by entering your username (email address) and password.
ApplyTexas Username: _____________________ (Assigned to you through ApplyTexas)

ApplyTexas Password: _________________________ (your created password)

If you do not keep your username and password, you will not be able to access your application in the future.


Please record below and follow instructions to continue. You must complete the application part below this box to complete.

Now return to ApplyTexas Home Page to create and complete your application.

Help for creating your application below:

  • Click on the My Applications tab.
  • Click on Create a new application now.
  • Scroll down and click on Create a new 2-year college admission application.
  • Go to Search for a college from an alphabetical list.
  • Select Texarkana College. Click on Continue.
  • Select a semester. Choose the correct term from the drop-down menu. Click on Continue.
  • Select a major. You must select – your high school dual credit. Click on Continue.
  • Application Checklist. Verify that the display indicates the correct college to which you are seeking enrollment.
  • Click on Continue to my application.

Help for completing Biographical Information – Page 1

  • Record your application ID Number
  • ApplyTexas Application ID # is: _______________ (Assigned to you through ApplyTexas)
  • Verify that First Choice School and First Choice Major are correct.
  • Proceed with completing or verifying questions 1-15. Answer any questions that are blank and that apply to you. (Verify all information before saving this page.)
  • Question 1 – Enter your Social Security Number. (The ApplyTexas directions will state that your social security number is not required; however, not entering it will result in a hold on your account.
  • Question 14 – Indicate a valid email address.

Click on Save Changes.

Help for completing Educational Background – Page 2

  • Proceed with completing or verifying questions 1-4.
  • Question 4 – Under Academic Suspension Question, answer No.
  • Click on Save Changes.

Help for completing Educational Information – Page 3

  • Answer all questions within Questions 1 – 3.
  • Question 1 – If you do not know what Tech Prep is, answer No.
  • Question 2 – Under Admission Basis select Dual Credit (receiving both high school and college credit) (NOTE: You MUST select the provided answer for Question 2 to ensure that you are included in all Dual Credit reports.)
  • Question 3 – Under Reason Attending, select Earn credits for transfer.
  • Click on Save Changes.

Help for completing Residency Information – Page 4

If the questions do not apply to you, do not answer them.

Residency Information Pre-Screen

  • Question 1 – Answer No to Federal Income Tax filed as an Independent question.
  • Question 2 – Answer Yes to Federal Income Tax filed as a Dependent question. Click on Save and Continue to Next Question

Help for completing Residency Information continued –

  • Question 1 – US Citizenship of parent – If your answer to question 8 was Yes on page 1, this answer will be automatically provided. Skip to question 5. If your answer was No, answer questions 2-5.
  • Question 5 – Current residency of parent in Texas – Answer Yes or no.
  • Question 6 – Years lived in Texas – Answer a and b. (If you are not sure of the number of years your parent/legal guardian has lived in Texas, but you have been here since birth, indicate your age. For “main purpose for being in the state,” most students select “Establish/Maintain” a home.)
  • Question 7 – Military Info – Answer a and b. (If this does not apply to you, go to question 8. Answer Yes if active duty.
  • Question 8 – Do any of the following apply to parent? You must complete at least one from a. or b.
  • Answer questions 9 and 10 – If your parent works in Texas, answer Yes to question a.

Click on Save and Continue to Next Question.

Read the statement in the box.

Locate your application ID number.

At this point, you should have your username, password, and application ID number.

Click on Submit Application Now.

Application Completed

Verify that your screen indicates that you have successfully submitted your application.

NOTE: Students should disregard automated emails. TC works with ISD’s to get all required documents. TC works with your high school to set up registration.

Student Privacy

According to federal privacy regulations (FERPA), students’ educational privacy rights transfer to them once they enroll in an institution of higher education. In practical terms, this means TC cannot disclose information about a student enrolled in a college course to parents or other interested parties. In general, a college instructor cannot discuss a student’s grade or progress in a course with parents unless the student has given permission. By signing the dual credit early admission form, high school students are authorizing TC to exchange all information with the high school, parents and/or legal guardian until high school graduation.

Awarding Credit

Official college transcripts will be made available to students while they are enrolled in high school. High school students should go on their My TC to view and print a copy of their unofficial transcript. Official transcripts can only be requested using the online TC transcript request form located on the TC website. Upon graduation from high school, the student’s official records will be held until the Office of Admissions receives a completed high school transcript. Re-enrollment at TC following high school graduation is encouraged, but is not required for receiving credit. TC cannot guarantee transferability of dual credit to all four-year institutions. Students should check with the receiving institution regarding course transferability. TC uses the Texas Common Course Number system. More information can be found at

Workforce v. Academic Dual Credit

Academic Dual Credit courses typically transfer to four-year colleges and universities. Students taking these courses often plan to pursue a four-year degree after high school graduation. Courses listed in the Academic Course Guide Manual (ACGM) are eligible for academic dual credit.

Workforce Dual Credit courses usually will not transfer to four-year colleges and universities. Students taking these courses often plan to enroll in a certificate or two-year Associates of Applied Science degree program. Courses listed in the Workforce Education Course Manual (WECM) are eligible for workforce dual credit.


The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) gives you the opportunity to receive college credit for what you already know by earning qualifying scores. The student is responsible for contacting the receiving institution to determine what exams are required. CLEP is administered on a walk-in basis every day. Tests are administered in the Testing Center. Students may obtain a registration form online at, the Advising, Recruitment and Retention Office or the Assessment and Testing Center. Students are required to complete the form and return it to the Assessment and Testing Center. You must bring your picture ID and receipts/payment on the day of testing. Exams are administered on computer and scores are furnished immediately after completion.

Students with Disabilities

Texarkana College accepts students who have potential for academic success in a post-secondary educational institution. Texarkana College is committed to providing qualified students with disabilities equal access to its facilities, activities, and programs. Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) require that public colleges and universities provide reasonable accommodations for qualified students with disabilities Accommodations are provided on an individual basis following presentation of documentation that confirms the presence of a disability that results in a substantial limitation of a major life function as defined under Section 504 and the ADA. To request testing or course accommodations, a student with a disability should contact the Office of Disability Services at 903-823-3349.


The course fee for dual credit students is set at a reduced rate, depending on residence in the Texarkana College taxing district. Fees can be found on the Texarkana College web page. TC does not pay for course fees, cost of textbooks or any required course supplies. Some ISD’s cover this cost or a portion of the cost. The student is responsible for any cost not covered by their ISD.

Dual Credit students are not eligible for Financial Aid.


If a student wishes to drop a class they should first discuss the matter with his/her high school counselor. It is the student’s responsibility to complete the Dual Credit Drop Form by the deadline and submit it to the designated ISD official in order to complete the withdrawal request. The ISD official will then submit the drop form to the Texarkana College Registrar’s Office. After the census date, students will receive a W until after the official last day to drop. Students may not request a drop after this date. All drops after this date must be done by the instructor or ISD official. Reason to drop after the official drop date must be due to attendance, discipline or “other” as approved by the TC Registrar. The Dual Credit Drop Form must be completed and submitted to the Texarkana College Registrar’s Office regardless of whether the drop was initiated by the student, instructor or ISD official. Students will still receive a W unless otherwise stated by the instructor. Students should check with the Texarkana College Registrar’s Office or their High School Counselor for official dates.

To be eligible for a refund, students must officially drop individual courses or completely withdraw from the College by the deadline in the Refund Schedule. Specific provisions of the Texas Administrative Code, Title 19, Part I, Chapter 21, Subchapter A, Rule 21.5 “Refund of Tuition and Fees at Public Community/Junior and Technical Colleges,” govern the refund schedule. Only the Texas Legislature or the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board as authorized by the Legislature can alter this schedule.

Students officially withdrawing during a regular 16-week semester are eligible for a refund of tuition and fees according to the following schedule:

100% refund – Prior to the first class day

70% refund – First through fifteenth class day

25% refund – Sixteenth through twentieth class day


Students should check with TC’s Dual Credit Coordinator or their High School Counselor for official refund dates.

Student Services

Recruitment, Advising and Retention offers the following services:

  • Career advising regarding career choices, occupational information, areas of interests, aptitudes, and abilities.
  • Academic advisement regarding appropriate choices of courses, educational plans, study skills, and transferability of courses.
  • Referral and advisement regarding assessment testing
  • Support services for special populations
  • Assisting students in selecting transfer institutions
  • Providing resources to assist students in selecting a major
  • Special accommodations

TC Department of Public Safety is composed of certified law enforcement officers who have the authority to enforce all local, state and federal laws and college regulations. Officers are on duty on a 24-hour basis. The department serves the college community by helping to maintain a safe and secure environment for each person and his/her possessions while on campus.

Police officers are visible on campus in marked vehicles.

Academic Dishonesty Policy

Scholastic dishonesty, involving but not limited to cheating on a test, plagiarism, collusion, or falsification of records will make the student liable for disciplinary action after being investigated by the Dean of Students. Proven violations of this nature will result in the student being dropped from the class with an “F”. This policy applies campus wide, including TC Testing Center, as well as off-campus classroom or lab sites.

Student Grievance Procedure

Students who have followed the steps of the Dual Credit Discipline Policy, but are not satisfied, have the option to start a grievance process. The grievance procedure may also be used to address concerns about discrimination based on disability and gender, including sexual harassment. For more information, see the Texarkana College Student Handbook.

Student Identification

DC Students can obtain their TC student identification in the TC’s Office of Enrollment Services at no cost. Students should bring their driver’s license or high school ID for identification purposes. Students must have their TC ID in order to check out items from the library or gain access to the Pinkerton Center.

[Webmaster – due to COVID-19 prevention measures, Student IDs may be requested from the Student tab of  Look for the Student ID Badge link in the Links section of the Student tab home page or in the sidebar. ]

Parking Permit

Texarkana College requires all vehicles parked on college property to be registered with the Department of Public Safety and to have an assigned parking permit affixed to the windshield of your vehicle, in a manner that it is plainly visible. Students can visit TC’s Bursar window, located downstairs in the administration building, to obtain a parking permit. The first permit is free and replacements are $2.00.

For more information call 903-823-3040.  Download a Parking Permit request form.

Emergency Alert and Campus Announcement System

Texarkana College utilizes the Rave Alert System to notify students and employees via text message regarding campus emergency situations and important campus announcements. Subscribing to the Rave Alert System is voluntary and is dependent upon the individual providing an accurate and current cell phone number for system records.