Texarkana College offers an assortment of classes tailored to teens.

Year-Round Swim School

This year-round swim school will help children from 4-17 years of age learn to swim. Young children will see how learning to swim can also lead to them one day participating in a high school swim team. Level 1-3 covers water safety, propulsion, free breathing and breast kick. Level 4-6 covers breast, fly, kick and front turns, plus fly swim and all turns.  All sections taught by Susan Likins.

Springboard Diving

This is a springboard diving class for all levels and experience. Instructor: Eric Vogan

Lifeguard Training

This course trains candidates with the skills and knowledge to prevent and respond to aquatic emergencies in a pool. Students will receive a pocket mask, whistle, fanny packs in class.  Full details

Teen Classes

Basic Drawing

Students will work on their drawing techniques and also art create art by mixing a variety of media, including: watercolor, collage, tape transfer, ink, pencil, pastel, etc. If students have any of their own art supplies (art pad, brushes, art pencils, etc.), they are welcome to bring them. Instructor:  Jeanie Knodd Edwards

Computer Graphics

Learn the basics of how to touch-up photos, composite images, make color adjustments, and apply filters.  We will also explore using the most commonly used Photoshop tools.  We will work on your images throughout the class so be sure to bring your digital photos. Instructor:  Mike Williams

Cursive Writing

Do you think writing and reading cursive is writing and reading in a secret code? This course will help you break the secret code by showing you, in a fun interactive way, how to write all of the alphabet in cursive. With some practice you will become a speedier writer! As an added bonus you will also learn how to read cursive and create your own personal cursive signature of your name!   Instructor:  Denise Schwartz

High Kicks/Drill Team

Learn how to kick like the best!  This class will teach you proper high kick technique as well as different aspects of being on a drill team.  Instructor: Amber Reynolds

Video Game Design

Students will be provided the opportunity to design, program and create a functional video game. This course will introduce basic programming language and skills to develop a video game through the use of various programming software programs.  Instructor:  Shannon Bishop 


Budgeting for teens will help you learn how to handle money. It’s important to know how to manage money once you start handling money. Instructor: Emily Bright

Cupcake Madness

Have a blast while learning to take plain old everyday cupcakes from ordinary to extraordinary.  From great recipes and fillings, to icing swirls, flowers and beyond. We will also practice some of the things we learn on cookies.  Instructor:  Valerie Pilgreen

Home Economics

Come join in for some real life lessons.  We will cover budgeting for bills, food, and emergencies; menu planning, stocking a pantry, frugal shopping, and balancing a bank account.  “Personal finance is 80% behavior, and 20% head knowledge” -Dave Ramsey.  Instructor:  Valerie Pilgreen

Introduction to Forging Knife Blades

This class will give students an opportunity to experience hands-on forging of a knife.  Each student will hand forge, normalize, and heat treat a blade.  Students should have a blade to take home and finish with handles and guards.