New students, as well as returning students, who were not enrolled the previous semester, are required to submit proof of the Texas and In-District residency (when applicable). Verifications should be submitted when an application is made or during registration. Failure to provide residence verification or the addition fees owed will result in denial of future registrations as well as a hold being placed on the student’s records.

Students planning to apply for a partial tuition refund by providing residence documentation that will result in a residence status changes must do so before the official reporting date (as set by the Coordinating Board of Texas) for the current semester. Such refunds will be made for the current semester only and not for prior semesters attended

Official reporting dates are as follows:

  • Fall and Spring semesters: 12th class day
  • Summer Sessions: 4th class day
  • Classes of varying lengths: prorated accordingly

If an error is detected in residency determination – either by administrative staff or by erroneous information on the residence portion of the application – additional tuition may be charged during the semester. Failure to pay the additional charges will result in a hold being placed on the student’s record.