This 12-month certificate program is designed to prepare the EMT for Paramedic certification / licensure in Arkansas, Texas, and National Registry. Individualized clinical experience is designed to meet the needs of the person who is employed full-time. The state and national credentialing examinations, hosted at the end of the courses, are optional and are subject to credentialing agencies rules and regulations concerning applications and fees.

Prior to issuance of a completion certificate, the transfer student must submit an official transcript of previous college courses indicating successful completion of equivalent prerequisite courses. Other prerequisites include: current EMT certification / licensure and current American Heart Association Basic Life Support Healthcare Provider completion.


First SemesterHours Second SemesterHours
EMSP 1338
Introduction to Advanced Practice
3 EMSP 2444
EMSP 1356
Patient Assessment & Airway Management
3 EMSP 2434
Medical Emergencies
EMSP 2306
Emergency Pharmacology
3 EMSP 2330
Special Populations
EMSP 2361
Clinical – Paramedic I
3 EMSP 2362
Clinical – Paramedic II
Total12 Total14


Third SemesterHours   
EMSP 1355
Trauma Management
EMSP 2243
Assessment Based Management
EMSP 2305
EMS Operations
EMSP 2364
Practicum – EMT
Total Hours37   


Please be advised that licensure for this program includes a criminal background check.  If you have a question about this action, please speak to the division dean.