If you are a new student, make sure you have your picture taken in the Office of Enrollment Services for your myTC Card. If you are a returning student and have not had your picture taken and/or do not have your myTC Card, you will also need your picture taken in the Office of Enrollment Services. Students are also required to get an official Student ID from the Office of Enrollment Services.


When it comes to managing your money and receiving financial aid refunds, you deserve choices!  Texarkana College will provide you several choices on how to deliver your refund and to offer you smarter ways to manage that money.

Your choices will be:

  • Direct deposit to your own checking or savings account – refund within 2 to 3 business days.
  • Paper Check mailed – refund within 5 – 7 days (depending on mail service to your Legal Home Permanent address on file at Texarkana College).
  • Refund card – same business day.


Financial Aid funds are officially applied (disbursed) to your student account after the census date. The census date may be different depending on the length of the term.

Once the financial aid funds are applied to your account, any balance must be paid in full by the student. If there are funds not used, this amount is refunded to the student. All of these issues depend on the student’s enrollment status, number of financial aid eligible hours enrolled, etc.

Student refunds are issued within 14 days of the disbursement of aid to the student account. This date is different for each semester and subterm.

Contact the Student Accounts Office at 903-823-3331 for financial aid refund dates.  The financial aid disbursement date is not the same as a refund date.