Texarkana College’s beautiful main campus is located in the northeast border of Texarkana, Texas, at the junction of Robison Road and Tucker Street, which is approximately one-mile south of Interstate 30 in Bowie County, Texas. Texarkana College sits on a 90-acre campus, and includes a two-acre nature reserve.

The twin cities of Texarkana, Arkansas-Texas are located half way between the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and Little Rock, Arkansas. They are part of a Metropolitan Statistical Area of 129,000. The two cities are widely known for manufacturing, transportation, railroad, lumber, and dairy industries. The area is a sportsman’s paradise and offers fine hunting and fishing opportunities.

For the Fall 2010 semester, Texarkana College expanded the course offerings in our Service Area by creating the TC on Main training site. This training site consists of a computer classroom and a lecture classroom, and is located in downtown Atlanta, Texas, at the intersection of Main and William Streets. It is our goal to more efficiently and effectively serve the education needs of the residents of Cass County. Both Academic Credit and Continuing Education CEU course offerings will continue to be the focal point of both the daytime and evening course offerings at the TC on Main Extension Site. This extension site is open and staffed five days a week by professional admissions staff.

Texarkana College @ TexAmericas Center was established in 2011 to provide training and education courses for those working at Red River Army Depot and at the TexAmericas Center, as well as to provide easier access to learning in the western part of Texarkana College’s service area. The training site consists of two large multipurpose classrooms and an approximately 17,000 square feet of workshop/lab space for workforce training. Academic Credit, Continuing Education CEU courses, and workforce and industry specific courses are offered.

Texarkana College currently offers dual credit classes to the following high schools in our service area: Atlanta, Avery, Bloomburg, DeKalb, Hooks, Simms, Liberty-Eylau, Linden-Kildare, Maud, McLeod, New Boston, Pleasant Grove, Queen City, Redwater and Texas High.