The following is a suggested course of study which will satisfy the requirements for the Associate of Arts degree at Texarkana College.


 Freshman Year

First Semester Hours Second SemesterHours
ENGL 1301 (core)
Composition I
3ENGL 1302 or ENGL 2311 (core)
Composition II or Technical & Business Writing
HIST 1301 (core)
United States History I
3HIST 1302 (core)
United States History II
EDUC/PSYC 1300 (core)
Learning Frameworks
3SPCH (any core course)3
MATH (any core course)*3Social & Behavioral Science (any core course)3
Creative Arts (any core course)3Elective (college level)3
Total15 Total15

Sophomore Year

First SemesterHours Second SemesterHours
Language, Philosophy, & Culture (any core course)3Elective
(BCIS 1305 Business Computer Applications recommended)
BIOL/GEOL/CHEM/PHYS (core + lab)4BIOL/GEOL/CHEM/PHYS (any core course + lab)4
GOVT 2305 (core)
Federal Government
3GOVT 2306 (core)
Texas Government
Elective (college level)4Elective (college level)3
Elective (college level)3
Total14 Total
General Studies AA Total

* MATH 1332 Math for Liberal Arts is recommended