The Developmental Education Program at Texarkana College provides instruction, innovative courses, interventions, services, and resources to strengthen academic success, to improve student retention, and to enhance college completion for all students. Developmental education services include preparation for collegiate-level studies and training in the basic skill review of reading, writing, and mathematics for each program’s entry-level standards. Developmental Education provides students with instruction for Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Readiness, Basic Academic Skills Education Non-Course Based Options (BASE NCBOs), Non-Course Based Options (NCBOs), Adult Basic Education (ABE) Options, Tutoring Services, and Early Alert Interventions.

Developmental education courses are not counted as credit toward graduation or calculated in the cumulative GPA. However, they are used along with the credit courses for determining course load and satisfactory academic progress for financial aid.

Texarkana College requires that students demonstrating a need for remediation in reading, writing, or mathematics complete the appropriate sequence of Developmental Education courses in consecutive semesters; this excludes summer semesters. All students who are not TSI met must see an advisor before registering for classes. Non-compliance of TSI standards may result in a student not being able to register for 12 semester credit hours, which is full-time status. Students must speak with an academic advisor and the Financial Aid Office before dropping a developmental education course.

TSI Readiness

TC Developmental Education provides instruction to ensure students obtain a Texas Success Initiative (TSI) complete status. The program offers courses in a variety of formats to meet all students’ needs. Courses include: ENGL 0041, ENGL 0042, ENGL 0042/1301 Paired, MATH 0021, MATH 0022, and MATH 0023.

Basic Academic Skills Education Non-Course Based Options (BASE NCBOs)

TC Developmental Education offers BASE (NCBOs) to support students in developing skills, strategies, and reasoning needed to succeed in mathematics, reading, and/or writing. This intervention is designed specifically for students assessed at BASE levels 3-4 and must be part of a student’s co-enrollment in a developmental course. NCBO options include: ENGL 0050, MATH 0020, and MATH 0025.

Non-Course Based Options

TC Developmental Education offers Non-Course Based Options (NCBOs) to support students in developing skills, strategies, and reasoning needed to succeed in mathematics, reading, and/or writing. NCBO options include: ENGL 0020, ENGL 0030, ENGL 0060, MATH 0030, MATH 0040, and MATH 0045.

Basic Academic Skills Program (Adult Basic Education)

TC Developmental Education partners with the Adult Education and Literacy Program on the TC Campus to provide students the opportunity to improve skills in basic reading, writing, and math. These students test below developmental education skills level on the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) or below the required reading level on the Test for Adult Basic Education (TABE) workforce placement exam and need to review before re-testing to enter the Developmental Education Program or the workforce program.

Tutoring Services

TC offers free individual or group assistance to students who may have weak academic skills or to students who want to improve their grades. Both peer and professional tutors are available to students. Walk-in tutoring services are available six days a week in the Math Lab located on the second floor of the Academic Commons/Palmer Memorial Library.  A professional success coach is available to English students and the schedule is provided to students in English classrooms.

Early Alert Interventions

In the Developmental Education program, TC operates a professor-referral system to identify students who are at-risk of academic non-completion and provides those students with resources to enable them to achieve completion of academic goals.