Prepare for greatness. Texarkana College Cosmetology is a Pivot Point Member School and CHI Environmental School, offering excellence through education in a state-of-the-art facility designed to prepare students for a career in this rapidly expanding area. This program provides students with classroom study, demonstration, and practical work. Combining art and design, Pivot Point’s Designer’s Approach teaches students how to see, think, create, and adapt as designers. Pivot Point training not only teaches you the “how” but the “why”. Pivot Point believes that training only the “how” limits the students to technical skills… The “why” enable the students to create and adapt as hair designers. We also require students to complete at least four community service projects to teach them the importance of giving back. A Pivot Point education stands apart from others, giving graduates an advantage over other beauty school graduates. After graduation for the cosmetology course, students take the state licensing examination. The examination consists of a written test and a practical test in which applicants demonstrate their ability to provide required services. Students in the cosmetology program are kept abreast of the latest fashions and beauty techniques and are ready for immediate employment upon graduation and passing the state test.

Freshman Year

First SemesterHours Second SemesterHours
CSME 1401
Orientation to Cosmetology
4 LEAD 1100
Workforce Development with Critical Thinking
CSME 2302
Introduction to Application of Hair Color
3 CSME 1254
Artistry of Hair Design I
CSME 1410
Introduction to Haircutting & Related Theory
4 CSME 1443
Manicuring and Related Theory
CSME 1453
Chemical Reformation and Related Theory
4 CSME 2343
Salon Development
   CSME 1255
Artistry of Hair Design II
  CSME 1248
Principles of Skin Care
Total15 Total14


Third SemesterHours   
CSME 2401
Principles of Hair Coloring and Related Theory
CSME 2350
Prep for State Licensing Written Exam
CSME 2351
Prep for State Licensing Practical Exam
CSME 2310
Advanced Haircutting & Related Theory

Sophomore Year

First SemesterHours Second SemesterHours
ENGL 1301 (core)
Composition I
3 Social Science Elective (core)3
SPCH 1315 (core)
Public Speaking
3 College-level Math or Natural Science (core)3
BCIS 1305 or EDUC 1300 (core)
Business Computer Applications or Learning Frameworks
3 Visual / Performing Arts (core)3
Total9 Total

Cosmetology AAS Total