The Computer Technology and Information Systems department at Texarkana College offers courses leading to one of two Associate of Applied Science degrees or one of several Certificates. The first Associate Degree is Computer Technology and Information Systems and emphasizes computer software and programming. This degree provides the basis of the first two years of study towards a bachelor’s degree. A second Associate Degree is offered in Computer Networking that provides a well-rounded foundation in networking as it applies to both server software and network hardware. For those interested in less than a 2-year degree, there are Certificate programs for Cisco, Automated Office Systems, Programming, Network Administration and A+. Depending on the choice of curriculum, these programs prepare students for a number of industry certifications including Microsoft Technology Specialist, Microsoft IT Professional, Cisco CCNA, and Com TIA’s A+ and Security + certifications. Texarkana College is an official Microsoft IT Training Academy and also a Certified Cisco Academy. The following is a suggested course of study which will satisfy the requirements for this Associate of Applied Science degree at Texarkana College.


Freshman Year

First Semester Hours   Second Semester Hours
BCIS 1305 (core)
Business Computer Applications
3   COSC 1337 
Programming Fundamentals II
ITSE 1329 Programming Logic and Design 3   CPMT 1311
Introduction to Computer Maintenance
ITNW 1308 
Implementing and Supporting Client Operating Systems
3   ITNW 1325
Fundamentals of Networking Technologies
ENGL 1301 (core) 
Composition I
3   Creative Arts (any core course) 3
COSC 1336
Programming Fundamentals I
3   MATH 1314 (core)
College Algebra
Total 15   Total 15

Sophomore Year

First Semester Hours   Second Semester Hours
ACCT 2301 
Principles of Financial Accounting
3   CTIS Elective* 3
ITMT 1303
Querying MS SQL Server with Transact-SQL
3   GOVT 2305 or GOVT 2306 (core)Federal Government or Texas Government 3
ITSC 2339 Personal Computer Help Desk Support 3   ACNT 1311
Introduction to Computerized Accounting
ITSW 1304
Introduction to Spreadsheets
3   IMED 1316
Web Design I
CTIS Elective* 3   SPCH 1315 or SPCH 1321 (core)
Public Speaking or Business & Professional Speaking
Total 15   Total Computer Technology & Information Systems AAS Total 15

*CTIS Electives: ARTC 1313, ITNW 1351, ITSC 1307, 1315, 1321, ITSE 1331, 2349, 2386, 2417, ITSW 1310, 2334, 2337, ITSY 1342, MATH 1324, 1342