Summer I Hours Summer IIHours
BCIS 1305
Business Computer Applications
3ACCT 2301 or ACNT 1303
Principles of Financial Accounting or Introduction to Accounting I
Total3 Total3


Fall SemesterHours Spring SemesterHours
ARTC 1313
Digital Publishing I
3Approved Electives (2)*6
ITSW 1304
Introduction to Spreadsheets
3IMED 1316
Web Design I
ITNW 1308
Implementing and Supporting Client Operating Systems
3ACNT 1311
Introduction to Computerized Accounting
POFI 2340
Advanced Word Processing
Total12 Total
Total Hours


* Approved Electives:

ACCT 2302 Principles of Managerial Accounting,

COSC 1336 Programming Fundamentals I,

COSC 1337 Programming Fundamentals II,

COSC 2336 Programming Fundamentals III,

CPMT 1311 Introduction to Computer Maintenance,

ITMT 1303 Querying MS SQL Server with Transact-SQL,

ITNW 1325 Fundamentals of Networking Technologies,

ITNW 1351 Fundamentals of Wireless LANs,

ITNW 1353 Supporting Network Server Infrastructure,

ITNW 1354 Implementing and Supporting Servers,

ITSC 1315 Project Management Software,

ITSC 1321 Intermediate PC Operating Systems,

ITSC 2339 Personal Computer Help Desk Support,

ITSE 1331 Introduction to Visual BASIC Programming,

ITSW 1310 Presentation Media Software,

ITSW 2334 Advanced Spreadsheets