Courses must be taken in the listed sequence unless permission to change is granted by the Dean of Health Sciences, or may be taken in advance.  Degree Requirements: A minimum of 60 semester hours of credit with a 2.0 GPA, A grade of “C” or above in academic support and nursing courses, and a passing score on a comprehensive exit exam.  Students must see policy in Health Sciences Student Handbook for details.

The following is a suggested course of study which will satisfy the requirements for the Nursing – Basic Program Associate of Applied Science degree at Texarkana College.

Freshman Year

First Semester (Summer)Hours Second SemesterHours
BIOL 2301/2101 or BIOL 2302/2102
Anatomy & Physiology I or Anatomy & Physiology II
4 BIOL 2301/2101 or BIOL 2302/2102*
Anatomy & Physiology I or Anatomy & Physiology II
BIOL 2320/2120
Microbiology for Non-Science Majors & Lab
4 PSYC 2314
Lifespan Growth and Development
PSYC 2301
General Psychology
3 RNSG 1413
Foundations for Nursing Practice
   RNSG 1360
Clinical Registered Nurse Training (Foundations)
Total11 Total14


Third SemesterHours   
ENGL 1301 (core)
Composition I
RNSG 1431
Principles of Clinical Decision-Making
RNSG 1412
Nursing Care of the Childbearing & Childrearing Family
RNSG 1460
Clinical – Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse

 #Prerequisite to RNSG 1413 and 1360.
*Co-requisite to Nursing courses taught in this semester, or may be taken in advance.

 Sophomore Year

Fall SemesterHours Spring SemesterHours
ARTS 1301 or MUSI 1306 or DRAM 1310* (core)3 RNSG 1443
Complex Concepts of Adult Health
RNSG 1441
Common Concepts of Adult Health
4 RNSG 2463
Clinical Registered Nurse Training
(Complex / Management)
RNSG 2360
Clinical Registered Nurse Training
(Common / Mental Health)
RNSG 2213
Mental Health Nursing
Total12 Total
Nursing – Basic Program AAS Total


*Co-requisite to Nursing courses taught in this semester, or may be taken in advance.

Please be advised that licensure for this program includes a criminal background check.  If you have a question about this action, please speak to the division dean.