Texarkana College offers furnished efficiency apartments within easy walking distance to any building on campus. The campus apartments offer efficiency styled living to 12 students. One student is assigned to each apartment, which has its own private bathroom facilities, in addition to a small kitchenette area. All utilities and wireless Internet are included. Telephone lines are not provided but may be set up with local phone service at the resident’s expense. The complex houses both male and female students. The parking lot and entrance are well lit at night and the Texarkana College Campus Police are on duty 24 hours a day to help ensure the safety of the residents. A modern shopping mall is located near campus that offers a variety of food, apparel, and services. These units will be filled on a first- come, first-served basis.

Additional requirements must be met in order to be approved for this facility. Email inquiries to lee.williams@texarkanacollege.edu or call 903.823.3016.

Some of the benefits of living on campus are that you’ll get to meet new people and make new friends, build a sense of individuality, and gain some independence which will add to your educational experience at Texarkana College.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost for a room?

A $200 deposit for reservation (not guarantee of room)

$2,000 per semester

$400 per month for each summer session

Does that include a meal plan or are meal plans required?

Apartment prices do not include meal plans.

How do I apply?

Space is limited. Students should apply as early as possible. Applications are printable from the website or available from the Advising Office. A $200 deposit is required with application and proof of the Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination.

When will I know about my room assignment?

The rooms are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, according to the date the deposit is received. Students will be notified before registration regarding their room status, specific instructions about check-in, payments, and general information about living in TC Apartments.

When can I move in?

TC campus apartments will open the Wednesday before classes start, unless it’s a holiday. All paperwork and payments must be received before authorization for keys to be issued. You must check in during regular business hours (8 a.m.-5 p.m.) at least 30 minutes prior to closing.

What if I am on the waiting list?

The waiting list means that we have more deposits and applications than there are beds available. Students on the waiting list will be notified if space opens up. Students on the waiting list may not know if they will have a spot available until after the first week of classes. If you are on the waiting list, have a backup plan for housing.

Will my deposit be refunded if I change my mind or want my name taken off the waiting list?

Yes. Deposits are refundable in full if you change your mind before August 1 of the fall semester, January 1 of the spring semester, or May 1 for summer sessions. Notification of this change must be submitted in writing to the Dean of Workforce & Continuing Education before the dates given. If a person on the waiting list requests a deposit refund, they will be removed from the waiting list and will not be contacted if a room becomes available. Deposits are also refundable when a student moves out of an apartment and is not returning, minus charges for damages or lost or broken keys.

What are the requirements to live in TC campus apartments?

Students must be enrolled as a full-time student and maintain a course load of 12 credit hours per fall or spring semester, or they must be enrolled in a full-time workforce program. Academic summer students must be enrolled at TC for a total of 9 hours between Summer I and Summer II. Students may not move in until their housing payment is paid in full for the current semester and they have registered and either paid their tuition or set up a payment plan in the Business Office. Deposit, application and proof of vaccination for Bacterial Meningitis must be on file two weeks prior to move-in. Students are expected to adhere to all rules and regulations in the TC Student Handbook.

Can I drop classes and still stay in campus apartments?

All students living on campus must remain enrolled full-time, 12 credit hours, throughout the entire semester. If they need to drop a course, they must first clear it with the Dean of Workforce & Continuing Education and make sure they have consulted with an advisor.

When does housing close?

If you are returning for the immediate semester, you may leave your possessions in your room. Unless a student is staying for the next session, all possessions must be removed, a proper check-out conducted and keys turned in by the last day of semester finals before 3 p.m. Possessions left after check-out will be disposed of and deposits deducted for cleanup.

How do I reserve my room if I plan on returning the next school year?

If a current student plans on returning for the next year, they must complete and turn in an intention form before the end of the semester. The intention forms are provided by the Dean of Workforce and Continuing Education and inform the dean of the student’s intention of returning for the next year.