Travel the world with Texarkana College’s Road Scholars program and bring your educational experience to life by seeing the world firsthand. Encounter amazing cultural differences, find unique native foods that you truly like, and meet people whose interests are like your own, but coming from a different perspective. With the TC Road Scholars program, the pictures in your textbooks will come to life. You’ll gain a greater understanding of our world.

Apply today (.pdf) for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Road Scholars is a new program at Texarkana College designed to give students the opportunity to travel, experience different cultures, and enrich their learning with real-world adventures. Many people never have the opportunity to travel extensively, and Road Scholars makes world travel accessible for TC students to better prepare them for future success in the global marketplace. Road Scholars offers structured learning experiences abroad within the framework of academic courses.

Why travel abroad?

Texarkana College’s new travel abroad program aims to better prepare our graduates to secure meaningful employment within the global marketplace that is today’s reality. Our students have traditionally been place-bound and income challenged. The majority of them have never been outside of their home county and have not had opportunities to travel, learn about the world and America’s place within it, or apply the knowledge they have acquired in the classroom to real-life situations. Texarkana College’s Road Scholars Program hopes to change that.

How Road Scholars works

  • This program offers nine elective, 16-week academic courses that have 45 contact hours, and will result in three-semester credit hours on a student’s transcript.
  • These courses will meet on campus for a number of weeks and then, over Spring Break each year, will travel abroad to learn firsthand about the things we have studied in class.
  • Travel courses are available in the disciplines of History, Sociology, Psychology, Government, and Geography. The format of the classes goes along with regular core classes in these subjects, and students will be held to the same exacting standards as are present in those core classes.
  • Students may take up to two Road Scholars courses each year for a total of 6 SCH.
  • Space is limited to 36 students, and applicants must go through an admission process to enter the program. All participants will need a valid passport and be physically able to walk long distances and carry bags up several flights of stairs.
  • Students must sign up during the fall semester preceding the Spring Break travel, and a deposit is required to hold your place in the course.

The Road Scholars Program is composed of three components:

  1. Student travel during the course of an academic class
  2. Faculty-led travel abroad opportunities offered through the Continuing Education Division of Texarkana College
  3. Opportunities for both students and faculty to spend an entire semester abroad teaching and learning in colleges and universities located throughout the world.

Come and join us as we learn and travel the globe.