Keith Upson

Keith UpsonSpace does not permit me to honor all the TC professors who positively influenced my life, but if I had to make a short list, it would include Dr. Smith and Professors Varner and Sorsby.

Dr. Smith and Professor Varner pushed me way out of my comfort zone and showed me I was capable of learning and thinking in ways I’d never imagined. Honestly, every course I ever took after – including law school – was easier as a result.

Professor Sorsby was a tremendously influential writing mentor. Thirty years later I still quote her, and for good reason.

Both my parents got their starts at TC, and I knew as soon as I transferred to a big school after two years that I was not going to be getting the level of quality attention that I’d become used to. Fortunately, because of the solid start I got at TC, I didn’t need as much attention.

I honestly cannot imagine doing it any other way, and if I had, I do not believe my education would have gone as well.

Keith Upson

Current City: Naples, Florida
Current Employer: The Upson Law Group, P.L.

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