TC Tomorrow Community Challenge

On March 22, 2012, Texarkana College alumnus H. Ross Perot announced the launch of the TC Tomorrow Community Challenge on the heels of his $1 million donation to Texarkana College. His challenge? For Texarkana and surrounding communities to show their support for the institution by matching his donations. In addition to his initial $1 million donation, Mr. Perot will match up to $1 million per year for the next four years if the community supports the college by matching his donation, whether they contribute by choosing to expand the College’s tax district or by donating funds to the College. With recent budget cuts from the State and the financial climate in which we are operating, Texarkana College needs your help to ensure brighter tomorrows. Can you meet Mr. Perot’s challenge?

Perot’s donations are designated to be used for recruiting and retaining the world-class faculty that make Texarkana College such a great place to start or start over.

“Texarkana College provided me with opportunity,” said Mr. H. Ross Perot, 1947-1949 Texarkana College student. “It gave me the opportunity to continue my education and to develop my leadership skills as president of the Student Council. A capable faculty challenged me in the classroom. Small enrollment made personalized instruction a reality. I was prepared for the academic challenges of the U.S. Naval Academy because of my association with Texarkana College.”

Texarkana College is also conducting an outreach effort to build a network of alumni and friends to share information, garner support, and provide greater services to our community. We encourage each one of you who have a stake in Texarkana College’s past and future to register to become part of our alumni & friends network.

We are asking that you show your support for Texarkana College by participating in our outreach campaign. Please take the time today to register and share your story about the positive ways Texarkana College has impacted your life.

Connecting with Texarkana College is easy!

  1. Register today to become a member of the TC Alumni & Friends Network and share your story with us.
  2. Donate to the TC Community Challenge today.
  3. After you have registered, stay connected with Texarkana College via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!


For more information, please see President James Henry Russell’s message about the campaign.