A Message from President James Henry Russell

What an awesome week we have had at Texarkana College! First, our college received an anonymous gift of $330,000 from a BancorpSouth trust on Tuesday. Then, on the heels of that great donation, distinguished alumnus H. Ross Perot presented a $1 million gift to help us with our immediate financial problems. He also issued a challenge to you, our community, to match his $1 million donation every year for the next four years.

Mr. Perot’s total contribution to Texarkana College could reach $5 million over the next five years if the community will meet his challenge by choosing to expand the College’s tax district or by providing monetary donations, including Bulldog scholarship funds. Mr. Perot’s challenge does not solve our problems–it does build a bridge to the future to help us sustain a positive revenue stream. Great thanks are extended to people like Mr. Perot who have attended Texarkana College, know its importance in the region, and understand the place it holds in our future.

Our offerings to Texarkana and surrounding communities are unmatched by any other education institutions in the area. Since 1927, Texarkana College has educated hundreds of thousands of students through academic and workforce programs. Everywhere you turn in our community you see evidence of the impact Texarkana College has made on the workforce. Chances are, the people that take care of us- our nurses or EMTs, auto mechanics, or chefs in local restaurants- have earned their credentials right here at TC, and many professionals in the area got their start here.

In order to continue improving the future of our students and our community, Texarkana College needs your help. Building brighter tomorrows and better jobs is the position Texarkana College is taking right now to ensure student success. We are looking towards the future of the institution and the sustainability of the programs our community needs to build a skilled and prepared workforce. We need the support from the community–both as advocates for our students and as donors to help us during our financial rebuilding.

We are asking Texarkana College alumni and friends to show their support for the college by participating in the TC Tomorrow Campaign. Former and current students as well as friends of TC, and businesses and entities that employ TC graduates are asked to share their stories about the positive impact TC has made on their lives. By registering with the Texarkana College Alumni and Friends association, you will help us by establishing a means by which the College can share information with you and build a network of people who have shared in the rich legacy of Texarkana College.

As Mr. Perot emphasized, YOU play the biggest role in the future of this college. We want to hear what Texarkana College has meant in your life. By helping, you strengthen Texarkana College’s 85-year legacy and help ensure many bright tomorrows for our current and future students.

Mr. Perot: Thank you for your incredible donation. Thank you for your challenge to the community. And thank you for encouraging people to support Texarkana College by meeting your challenge or by registering as alumni or friends.

 –James Henry Russell
Texarkana College President and former student